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  • A show worthy of Rod Serling.

    Like the Twilight Zone, this show takes you deep into the mind with stories that capture the imagination. The endings pull together different concepts of life, death, and the supernatrual. I feel in todays society we need more intelligent, perplexing shows like this. Televison went from this to the Andy Milinokis show. This is one of the few shows that you could watch over and over again, and still be shocked at the ending. It's entertaining to go through an episode and guess what the twist or shocker is going to be. It's not as easy as it sounds.
  • Dark, evil, and occasionally terrifying ...

    There is an episode of Night Gallery about an evil doll which, as a child, not only made me exit the room at a superfast pace but gave me nightmares for weeks afterwards ... not to mention the graveyard episode. Even the name is great:

    Night. Gallery.

    So now?

    We live in a media-drenched world. While we are arguably more savvy much charm & mystery has been lost. So this series, to many, will seem corny and may only be seen as useful for spotting many known actors/actresses 'before they went on to bigger things'.

    But who cares? If you loved 'The Twilight Zone' and perhaps remember that horror films WERE genuinely horrifying once, and not just a vehicle for rock soundtracks and ads ... not to mention your world hasn't been completely doused by the internet and 'irony' ... hey, you never know: you may get a distinctly crypt-cool aftertaste from this excellent series.

    Rod Serling definitely is still the reigning king of the macabre.

  • The series that launched a horror anthologies: c'mon baby, scare me!

    Most scary shows today rely on flashy CG effects, and too obvious scares. This show was the inspiration for many nights spent with the lights on because the epsode I'd foolishly watched that night scared the hell out of me.
    Buy the DVD of any season for your kids, and give THEM grey hairs to match your own! :-P
  • Night Gallery offered the best in horror television in the 70's. Every episode, with the exeption of a very few, are excellent. This is the series that got me interested in horror fiction. Another example of high quality television.

    If you like quality short vignettes dealing in horror, the weird, the uneasy and - yes - even the beautiful and comedic, then Night Gallery is for you. I watched every episode religiously when I was young and was NEVER disappointed. Many of the stories were written by top talent authors in the sci-fi and horror fields.
    The great Rod Serling's last tour de force.

    My favorite episode? "The Caterpillar".
  • Just like the Twilight Zone but darker and scarier.

    Another hit by Rod Sterling creator of the Twilight Zone. Night Gallery is to me, one of the best horror shows ever, because it has very good stories, ecellent acting and a that evil aura that most horror shows don't have these days. The paintings on which suppossedly the stories are based on are just evil, they are dark and really look as if they carried with them a dark and horrendous baggage with them. The endings in this show are usually twisted and reminiscent of some of the endings in the Twilight Zone. He only thing i don't like is that it didn't last more than 3 seasons.
  • An enemy sends an absoulutely chilling doll to a Colonel which comes to life and crates a rather nasty time for all involved.

    Most Zonies do not recognize this show to be even near the quality of the Twighlight Zone. It does, however have some fabulous episodes. My personal favorite is The Doll. It scared the crap out of me when I was a kid and upon viewing it some 30 years later still made me nervous when the lights were turned off to go to bed.
  • I loved this show back when it first aired

    In 1971 I was 11 years old. This show came on and I was in awe that somebody finally made tv shows that I was actually interested in seeing. I was so used to being bombarded by my parents and grandparents shows (Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Waltons) then suddenly something that wasn't a cartoon was finally out there for me. Although sometimes this series scared the mess out of me. After seeing these same shows a couple of years ago on the STARZ network I couldn't believe that half of them were bad but back when I was 11 to 13 years old I had to see every episode. Oh man when the three boys dug the hole to find out what surprise was in the old man's backyard and John Carradine popped out of the coffin and said surprise that had me jumping for years when somebody surprised me. Talk about a lasting psychological effect. When Leslie Nielsen was in the haunted house with the pendulum blade fixing to slit his throat oh man I was amazed they were showing this stuff on network television. I had to find out what was in the next episode. I don't think any other tv show has affected me the way this show did back in those days. I don't remember being as excited about another TV show since it's cancellation. Back when I was 11 to 13 years old this show was the bomb.
  • "Night Gallery" was a mix bag of stories that were told mainly as anthology stories than anything else.

    Having rewatched so many episodes, I can tell you straight out this is nowhere near the league of "Twilight Zone".

    A bulk of the stories were too straight forward, had no real surprising twists, lackluster storytelling and in short a disappointment.

    I think actually to the contrary of being a horror sci-fi show like Zone this was more of Serling's attempt to write about everyday life with a slight use of supernatural.

    Stories like "The Messiah on Mott Street" (a Christmas story) and "They're tearing down Tim Riley's Bar" are clearly sentimenal stories that tell us stuff we already know.

    I didn't like the series aside from a few episodes. It might have been that at this point Rod really needed a break more than anything or it could be that he couldn't create the same mystique with this show as he did with the Zone.
  • This series was Da Bomb!Like one of the best!

    The Night Gallery was a very good tv show from the early 70's.the episodes i remember the best were ''the nature of the enemy'',''little black bag''and ''the diary''.i dont think it was as good as the Twilight zone but it was a dark-type horror series.the best episode i saw in season 1 was maybe...the house.i am waiting for season 2 to come in the mail.I can't wait til season 3 comes out on dvd!too bad mr serling died at an early age because he was the best at supernatural and fantasy.If someone made a remake in the form of a movie i would include,little black bag,cool air and maybe the diary in the movie.
  • Night Gallery, Rod Serling's last huzza to the lost art of short horror fiction

    Not long ago, I found out to my utter delight, that the first season of Night Gallery was now available on DVD. I ordered it immediately, wild horses could not have stopped me from doing so. I was in high school when this series premiered and it instantly became a never miss event as far as I was concerned. My younger siblings risked dismemberment if they went anywhere near the channel knob while it was on. Rod Serling was one of short fiction's great champions, and Night Gallary was his last great tribute to the dying art of the short story. Night Gallery picked up where The Twilite Zone left off, and I fear there will in all probability never be an anthology series again that will do for short fiction what Rod Serling and the Night Gallery did and did so well. I dearly miss this show.
  • Disappoing considering who made it

    I am a fan of Rod Sterling`s Twilight Zone, and i thought this show also would be great. To my disappointment it wasn`t. I saw the pilot plus season 1&2. I only liked 2 segments of the pilot in this show. They were, The Cemetery and The Escape Route. I liked The Cemetery best, because i think it had: Creepy atmosphere, good acting, suspenseful and great story. I liked the twist ending. I have seen the British lead before in several other tv-series. i think he did a great job, acting wise. I gave up watching this show after viewing season 2. If only season 1&2 had any great segments like the 2 mentioned. I think the rest of the episodes lacked the, Creepy atmosphere, good acting, suspenseful and great story.
  • Next to the Twilight Zone, Night Gallery is the second greatest show of all time!

    The first time I ever saw this show I was maybe nine or ten and it was the episode titled "The Dark Boy" but it was only the end of it and after it went off they showed Rod Serling and I remember thinking 'hey, that's the guy from the Twilight Zone(my #1 favorite show of all time)'. But it wasn't until March of 2007 I beleve, when the horror channel Chiller was launched that I found out what Night Gallery was. My favorite thing about Night Gallery is at the begining of each tale when Rod Serling introduce it with a painting of the macabre in the spooky art gallery.
  • After The Twilight Zone here comes Night Gallery

    This is quite a good show, maybe not as good as Rod Serling's previous work. But still good and worth a watch. This show has a pretty good amount of good episodes and is quite well written too. Too bad this show only lasted for three years( although he died in 1975, so about two years after the show ended.) But still wish it lasted a little longer though. So, if you are a fan of The Twilight Zone, I would highly recommend this show. Although I do think people who are new to shows like this. I still think they would enjoy this. So newcomers and fans will love it!