Night Gallery

NBC (ended 1973)





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  • "Night Gallery" was a mix bag of stories that were told mainly as anthology stories than anything else.

    Having rewatched so many episodes, I can tell you straight out this is nowhere near the league of "Twilight Zone".

    A bulk of the stories were too straight forward, had no real surprising twists, lackluster storytelling and in short a disappointment.

    I think actually to the contrary of being a horror sci-fi show like Zone this was more of Serling's attempt to write about everyday life with a slight use of supernatural.

    Stories like "The Messiah on Mott Street" (a Christmas story) and "They're tearing down Tim Riley's Bar" are clearly sentimenal stories that tell us stuff we already know.

    I didn't like the series aside from a few episodes. It might have been that at this point Rod really needed a break more than anything or it could be that he couldn't create the same mystique with this show as he did with the Zone.