Night Gallery

Season 3 Episode 19

Room for One Less

Aired Unknown Unknown on NBC

Episode Recap

The time: the present. The place: a modern-day high-rise building in the heart of a great metropolitan city. Inside, a snotty elevator operator is the rules of his domain. When two passengers try to get on, the operator smugly tells them that there's no more room, and insists on enforcing the rules and prohibiting them entry.

As the elevator travels between floors, a new passenger arrives out of thin air: an alien, teleporting into the car. The elevator operator, unfazed, insists on flouting his authority and telling the newcomer that he can't stay, despite the fact that they're between floors. The alien looks at him dismissively, points with one clawed finger, and disintegrates the elevator operator with a single mental impulse. Satisfied, it enjoys its ride in peace.