Night Gallery

Season 3 Episode 10

She'll Be Company for You

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 1972 on NBC
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She'll Be Company for You
After his invalid wife dies, a relieved widower finds himself under the watchful eye of a strangely menacing cat.

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  • An ungrieving widower is haunted by the sound of a bell and by a cat which keeps on growing - and changing.

    A conventional story about a cat which is also a familiar. Was the dead wife a witch? Was she murdered? Her best friend is certainly pretty creepy - she keeps talking about being in touch with the dead woman's spirit, but no-one ever asks her about this, and it doesn't occur to Leonard Nimoy simply to say "No, thanks" when she peremptorily says she's sending a cat over to keep him company. The sub-plot involving his secretary/mistress is also rather perfunctory, and if one has hallucinations about tigers and leopards prowling around in one's living-room, surely one should visit one's doctor? The two women in the story are much more interesting than Nimoy's pallid hero.moreless
  • Leonard Nimoy dealt his terminally ill wife a bad hand. While she lays dying he is out playing the field. She passes away and wifes best friend makes him pay. She gives him an evil cat to keep him company.moreless

    This is a terrible episode. As a long time lover of Night Gallery I am saddened that this mess some how got mixed into the pot. The more I watch Nimoy try and plod through this script the more embarassed I get for him. The story literally makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER. This cat somehow alternates between two large jungle cats at the ring of a bell. This bell is supposedly symbolism for the bell that jerkos wife rang from her bedside. We rarely see the jungle cats but are forced to hear the same audio track of the cats roars, growls and screams over and over throughout the episode. It is painful to watch Nimoy react to these so called noises. He seems slow and just as confused with the plot as I am. SHAMEFUL.moreless
  • A man, a bell, and a cat

    This is the absolute worst full length episode of "Night Gallery" that I have seen. Leonard Nimoy stars as a philandering widower whose wife has just passed away. The wife's best friend gives him a cat to keep him company. Somehow the cat keeps changing forms ie. tiger and lion. He keeps hearing this bell ringing and finds out "gasp" that the bell has no clapper inside! None of this episode really makes any sense and somehow we the audience are supposed to figure out the bell and the cat have some kind of connection. I couldn't wait for this episode to end.moreless

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    • Host: Lest you be turned off by the dim light and somber mien of this place, let me reassure that there is nobody here but us art lovers. I'm your tour guide in a place designed to show you the beauty of the unexpected. For example, some might see something attractive in a goldfish; we, on the other hand, find nothing lovelier than a piranha. Now this canvas here: dark hallway, door slightly ajar, a rather disquieting red room at the end of the hall -- and a very large cat. We suggest to you that while felines may look cute and cuddly and playfully mischievous, our suggestion is that you feed them a bit of milk and get rid of them. Because cats are and always have been Satan's familiars. Our painting title is She'll Be Company For You, and it's hung in this place we call the Night Gallery.

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    • This episode is based on the short story "She'll Be Company for You" by Andrea Newman. This story was first published in the John Burke anthology More Tales of Unease (1969).