Night Gallery

Season 3 Episode 10

She'll Be Company for You

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 1972 on NBC

Episode Recap

Henry Auden is attending the funeral of his wife, Maggie, but only manages an outward display of remorse. Internally he sees no point in breaking down. Maggie's best friend Barbara comes over and says that they should go to Maggie's room to see if she's come back. When they go home, Barbara notes that Henry was glad to get rid of his wife after the years she spent as an invalid. She comments that he got rid of the gold bell that Maggie used to call him, and he says that it's up by the bed and he heard Barbara ring it. Barbara says she doesn't remember ringing it, and then asks if Henry wanted an end for it, even when he knew it was hopeless. Henry insists that he didn't, but admits that he had thoughts of his young years passing. When Barbara says that she would have given in to similar thoughts, Henry says that makes her the evil person. Barbara then insists on sending her cat to the house to keep Henry company.

The cat is soon delivered with a note from Barbara saying the cat is named Jennet and it's everything he needs. He calls Barbara only to discover that she's departed on a sudden vacation. As Jennet prowls around, Henry remembers Barbara saying that it will be company for him. He goes to the next room to investigate but finds nothing. However, he hears his wife's bell ring upstairs. Unsure if he's imagining things, Henry pours himself a drink and sits down to watch the cat. He soon dozes off and the cat goes upstairs to Maggie's room. When Henry wakes up, he finds a dead mouse on the sofa. After covering it over, Henry goes to the patio windows and closes them, but hears an unearthly growling noise from outside. He looks at the drapes and sees the silhouette of the cat... much larger than before.

Later, Henry finds a note from his housekeeper saying that the cat won't eat. The bell rings again and spectral lights fill the house, overwhelming Henry. After a moment the lights and sounds stop and he staggers out to the kitchen. He looks up and sees the cat, grown large again, leap through a window. Unsure if he's hallucinating, Henry goes to the window and discovers that the glass is unbroken, but finds a blood claw mark on his hand. More growling noises fill the room as his dead wife's bell rings. When it stops, the cat comes in, now a fully grown leopard. The bell rings and it walks off.

At his office, Henry tries to rest in his office as his secretary June tends to him. He asks what happened to them and she says there was nothing between them because Margaret didn't know about them. Henry says that he can't go back to the house and he needs her. June asks what he'll give her and Henry asks what happened to her. His mistress says that he never noticed her, and he cast aside Margaret when he was done with her. As June leaves, Henry discovers that Barbara has sent him a note saying that Margaret is with her in spirit, but someone is calling her back.

Henry returns home and hears his wife's bell ringing. He goes to the bedroom and picks it up, only to discover that it doesn't have a clapper. He hears a growling noise outside and looks down on the patio, where the cat has now become a huge tiger. As it draws closer, Henry goes to the kitchen and gets a large knife, and then starts hacking at the letters from Barbara. He then follows the growling noises to the living room and tries to stab the cat, which runs into the bushes surrounding the home. Henry pursues it, slashing wildly, and finally collapses in exhaustion while the bell rings constantly.

Finally, Henry returns to the house and collapses on the patio, sobbing. He begs Margaret to release him, but the bell keeps ringing. Henry realizes that all he can do is delay the inevitable and goes upstairs to the bedroom, hoping that it won't hurt too much.

Later, Barbara comes home and calls out to Henry. She calls out to Henry, unaware that he's lying in the bed upstairs, slashed to pieces, as Jennet licks at the blood on the carpet.
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