Night Gallery

Season 3 Episode 10

She'll Be Company for You

Aired Unknown Dec 24, 1972 on NBC

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  • An ungrieving widower is haunted by the sound of a bell and by a cat which keeps on growing - and changing.

    A conventional story about a cat which is also a familiar. Was the dead wife a witch? Was she murdered? Her best friend is certainly pretty creepy - she keeps talking about being in touch with the dead woman's spirit, but no-one ever asks her about this, and it doesn't occur to Leonard Nimoy simply to say "No, thanks" when she peremptorily says she's sending a cat over to keep him company. The sub-plot involving his secretary/mistress is also rather perfunctory, and if one has hallucinations about tigers and leopards prowling around in one's living-room, surely one should visit one's doctor? The two women in the story are much more interesting than Nimoy's pallid hero.