Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 17

Silent Snow, Secret Snow

Aired Unknown Oct 20, 1971 on NBC

Episode Recap

As school begins, Paul Haselman sits in his grade school classroom and listens to the teacher talk about geography. He has a snow globe on his desk, and shakes it. He then remembers a few mornings earlier, when he woke up to hear approaching his house, his footsteps muffled by snow... that doesn't exist except for Paul. Going to the window, Paul is sure there is snow but sees nothing on the ground. Later, going down to breakfast, Paul is distracted by the thoughts of snow, and his mother notices and asks what's wrong. Paul is unable to answer.

Paul remembers how he imagined the snow growing deeper and deeper each day, muffling the postman's footsteps and the world at large. When Paul's father, Frank, asks him about geography and suggests a field trip, he and his wife are both puzzled when Paul says that he would like to go to the North Pole. Paul doesn't try to explain, seeing no point because they wouldn't understand. He decides to keep his secret world of snow to himself.

In class, the teacher calls upon Paul to answer, and he finally responds. After class, Paul walks home and hears the snow calling to him. He finds the entire neighborhood covered in heavy snow, and remembers that he didn't hear the postman knock at any home except their own that morning. The boy wonders if something has ended, or if something is rushing him.

Paul's mother calls in a doctor examine her son. The doctor admits that the results aren't good, while Paul imagines the snow calling to him from outside, telling him to isolate himself from all other presences. As the doctor tries to determine if Paul is responsive, the boy stares out the window and sees snow coming in, and laughs. He finally tells his parents and the doctor that he was thinking about snow. When Frank demands answers, Paul runs up to his room and finds snow pouring in everywhere. He leaps onto the bed and holds up his arms to let the snow cover him.

Later, Paul's mother opens the door, and the snow that only Paul can see disappears. He yells that he hates her, and tells her to go away. As Paul rolls over, crying, the snow and the shadows close in on him, and he withdraws permanently from life.

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