Night Gallery

Season 3 Episode 12

Something in the Woodwork

Aired Unknown Jan 14, 1973 on NBC

Episode Recap

At an old house, a presence moves through the attic. Downstairs, Molly Wheatland is setting the table for dinner and having a drink and hears a knocking up above. She ignores it and the repairman, Joe Wilson, comes down and Molly explains that she is setting the dinner for her ex-husband, Charlie. She insists that Joe stay for coffee and cookies, and won't take no for an answer. Molly can't stop talking about Charlie and his habits, while drinking martini after martini. Joe finally tries to leave and Molly makes sure that he's fixed everything. She asks about the attic room, saying that she wanted the lock removed from the door. Joe explains that there's no key and she needs a locksmith, and Molly asks him about what he heard from his father about what happened in the attic. Thirty years ago, a bank robber, Jamie Dilman, ran up to the attic and was gunned down by the police, and nobody would buy the house until she finally purchased it. Molly insists that Joe open the door so she can use the attic, and wonders if he thinks it's haunted. Joe reluctantly goes upstairs while Molly insists that nothing ever scares her.

Once Joe finishes the work and leaves, Molly goes up the stairs and enters the attic. She calls out to Dilman's ghost, saying she can sense behind the woodwork in the walls. Molly insists that he doesn't frighten her, and says that she can use the company.

Charlie and his new girlfriend, Julie, arrive and Charlie says that he owes Molly and she deserves some of his time in return. He goes inside and Molly shows him the table she's set for his birthday. She gives him a present of an antique pillbox for his heart pills and asks him to stay, but Charlie says that Julie is out in the car. Molly objects and Charlie tells her that what he does now that they're divorced is none of her business.

Molly goes upstairs and calls out to Dilman, who finally responds and tells her to leave her alone. She falls to the floor, sobbing, and insists that she needs him. The ghost's image appears in a mirror and Molly sees him, and Dilman says that he can't leave since he died there. The doorbell rings and Molly ignores it, asking Dilman if he can touch and feel. Dilman says that he doesn't want to pick up things, and Molly asks if he can hurt anything.

Molly finally goes downstairs to answer the door. It's Charlie, who complains that she's been calling Julie at all hours of the night. Molly says that she doesn't care and Charlie asks her to leave them both alone. In response, Molly says that she has a friend of her own, a shadow living in the attic. Charlie humors her and says that he'll back that night with help for what he thinks is her mental condition. Molly tells him to come back and bring as much help as he can find. Once Charlie leaves, Molly calls out to Dilman, saying he needs her to stop Charlie. If he doesn't, she'll burn the house down. Molly wants him to appear to Charlie and provoke a heart attack in her ex-husband.

That night, Charlie arrives and enters the house. Molly calls to him from the top of the stairs and walks down, and says he has a friend who can help her. She suggests that Charlie go upstairs and shake hands with the ghost, taunting him with the fact that he abandoned her for a newer model. Charlie finally goes upstairs and Molly goes into the living room to wait.

Molly waits until she hears a scream and the sound of a body falling to the ground. Chuckling in triumph, Molly throws the discarded pillbox in the garbage. However, she hears footsteps on the stairs and goes to see who is coming. It's Charlie: who walks stiffly down the stairs. Dilman speaks through Charlie's lips, saying that Charlie is now in the attic room, trapped behind the woodwork. He advances on her, asking why she couldn't leave him to his peace in the woodwork.
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