Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 54

Stop Killing Me

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1972 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mrs. Francis Turchen comes to the police station to report to the desk officer, Sgt. Stanley Bevelow, that her husband Bernard is killing her. He doesn't understand and she explains that Bernard keeps saying that he's going to kill her. Bevelow confirms that he's done it in front of witnesses, and Frances tells him to call Bernard and confirm it. Bernard has told her dozens of different ways he plans to kill her, and wakes her in the middle of the night to tell her that he's going to kill her, and she'll be dead in a week. Frances says that she's become increasingly distracted, and was almost run over by a bus until someone pulled her back.

Bevelow asks what she wants to do, and asks if she wants to swear out a warrant. Francis insists that by the time the paperwork goes through, she'll be dead. When the sergeant asks why her husband wants her dead, Francis says that she won't give him a divorce. She tells Bevelow to call her husband and confirm she's telling the truth, but Bevelow asks why Bernard wants a divorce. Francis lists all the crazy reasons he wants a divorce: she's a poor cook, she's not as beautiful as when they married, he has nothing else to say to her, and she clutters up the bathroom. Bevelow thinks of his own wife and cuts her off, says he understands, asks her to step outside, and starts to call Bernard to come down to the station. As Francis goes, she says that Bernard boasted that he had a foolproof way to kill her.

Once Francis goes, Bevelow listens for a moment. He hears Francis scream as a car crashes into her. He then calls Bernard and asks him to come down and discuss a personal matter... while he looks contemplatively at a photo of his own wife.

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