Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 60

The Caterpillar

Aired Unknown Mar 01, 1972 on NBC

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  • the earwig

    first saw this on its original air-date when i was 13. it's the only episode i've ever remembered, as it was so horrific it traumatized me!

    over the years, i've always wondered what frightening show had "the earwig" [as i thought it was called]. now, @ age 56, i finally have the answer {night gallery}.

    few shows have bothered my brain as much as the 'mannequin named marcia'* & 'the earth moving away from the sun'* episodes of TWILIGHT ZONE, but 'the caterpillar' sure did! (*incorrect titles)

    i'm so glad i caught it again last night <:0

  • The Caterpillar

    I first saw this when I was 14 while babysitting some neighbor kids. It scared the bejesus out of me. I watched it again tonight and it was just as intense as I remember it. I have mentioned it to many friends over the years ( I'm 57 now) and NOBODY remembers it!! The earwig episode will always be one of my favorite scary "movies" I've seen. The writing, acting and directing were amazing. Thanks Rod.
  • Extremely memorable

    I have only seen this episode twice in my life, and have not seen it for at least 15 years, yet I would say it was the best written show of this type I have ever seen. Even after 15 years I can still see almost every scene in my mind. It is amazing to me that a show that is very slow paced could keep you on the edge of your seat until the final climactic ending. I don't think I am exagerating to say this is possibly the best TV episode I have ever seen.