Night Gallery

Season 1 Episode 4

The Dead Man

Aired Unknown Dec 16, 1970 on NBC
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The Dead Man
An experiment in hypnosis leads to a terrifying conclusion when a physician attempts to revive his subject from death.

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  • One of the greatest episodes of Night Gallery that there is.

    The Dead Man is one of my all time favorite episodes of Night Gallery and also one of the most frightening.

    A doctor hypnotizes his young subject to die and then come back to life. The doctor's young wife has taken a fancy to the subject which causes the doctor to become jealous. The doctor hypnotizes the subject to die once again, but this time he has no intention of bringing him back to life again. The doctor's wife is distraught by the death of the subject who is buried in a nearby cemetery. In a last attempt to reive the subject, the doctor and his wife head to the cemetery one evening and are in for and very frightening discovery.moreless
  • Most memorable installment of the Night Gallery series.

    This episode of the Night Gallery was one of the best little heart stoppers the series had to offer. Short story telling at it's finest! Reminiscent, in a way, of Edgar Allen Poe's Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar, this episode has my vote as one of the creepiest short story endings of all time. Based on a short story by Fritz Lieber, this is the story of a medical experiment involving hypnosis gone horribly, horribly wrong. Not only was Rod Serling one of the all time greats at the lost art of writing short fiction, he knew how to pick them too! Four gold Brrr's and a platinum gasp for this one. A valued addition to my permanent video collection!moreless
  • Actually my FAVORITE episode!

    This is the only episode from the series that I remember clearly and it ABSOLUTELY scared the hooey out of me! I was probably in my early to mid teens when I saw it (the one and only time I saw it). I was "babysitting" my younger brother and sister and was the only person awake in the house when it aired. Not a single one of the other episodes that I saw (and I saw most of them) affected me quite like this one. I would absolutely love to see this show (and most particularly this episode) run on like SciFi or something. I LOVE IT!moreless
  • This episode stands out as some of the best sci-fi television.

    A scientist uses a young man in his experiments. The young man can die under hypnosis and be brought back to life with with a certain number of taps in a certain order. The scientist starts to suspect though, that his wife is having an affair with the man. This leads to a mystery and a heart-stopping ending. This episode can be viewed by renting the first disc of "The Night Gallery: The Complete First Season" or by buying the whole season of course. Rod Serling had a good thing going with this Twilight Zone revival show for a little while, but it did soon become stale.moreless
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Glenn Dixon


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    • Host: We welcome you ladies and gentlemen to an exhibit of art. A collection of oils and still-lifes that share one thing in common: you won't find them in the average salon, or exhibit hall, or art museum. Painting number one. It's titled The Dead Man: an interesting meeting between flesh and bone, between that which walks and that which, you should excuse the expression, gets buried. So we submit for your approval this and other frozen moments of nightmare placed on canvas.

    • Velia Redford: You thought he was dead when he was alive. Suppose he is alive even now. What if his mind is alive and locked in a dead body? Can you tell me without any reservation that when they bury John Fearing in one or two days, he won't be buried alive?

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    • This episode is based on the short story "The Dead Man" by Fritz Leiber. This story was first published in Weird Tales (November 1950).