Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 19

The Devil Is Not Mocked

Aired Unknown Oct 27, 1971 on NBC

Episode Recap

General von Grunn speaks to his grandson, talking of his patriotism during the war. He and his men move into a Balkan country and track the local resistance to a castle. The owner, a caped man, emerges and bids them welcome. Grunn sends his men in and the host makes no effort to stop them. When they come to a door, Grunn has his men shoot it open, only to discover servants on the other side, setting a table for dinner. Grunn apologizes for interrupting the host's meals, while Grunn's soldiers round up the few servants. Grunn says that his men will track down the resistance fighters, but the host insists that there is no resistance, and the servants will do everything they can to make Grunn's visit a memorable one. Grunn suspects that he's trying to get close to him, and invites him to eat. The host agrees to sit with him, but admits that per his custom, he doesn't eat before midnight.

As midnight approaches, Grunn explains that the host, a count, will lose his position as royalty, and will serve the Third Reich. Grunn accuses him of being the leader of the resistance, and promises to torture him into talking. The host glances at the clock, which stands at 5 minutes to midnight, and says that the general will soon learn the truth. Grunn goes to the window and looks outside, where the servants are tending to his men. He then turns back to the host and demands that he give the Nazi salute. The host does so, while outside the howling of the wolves grows louder.

The clock strikes midnight and screams ring out from his soldiers. One of them, Franz, tries to come inside the dining room, but something drags him back. Grunn goes to the window and shoots at the servants below. He turns back to his host, who bares a pair of sharpened canines and advances on Grunn. The host introduces himself as the leader of the resistance: Count Dracula.

Grunn finishes his story to his grandson and explains that's how he served his country... and bares his fangs.

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