Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 40

The Different Ones

Aired Unknown Dec 29, 1971 on NBC

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  • Rod Serling, raising the dead

    If the theme of this episode sounds familiar, it probably means you saw the original TZ episode "Eye of the Beholder." Serling explored the same themes, with a slightly different angle. And "slightly" is the key word. There's nothing really new presented here. The ending is also a bit of a cheat. Victor considers himself a freak, and his own appearances repulses him. Why would being surrounded by more people that repulse him immediately feel that he belongs? At least in Beholder, the girl considered others of her "kind" repugnant at first.

    So Serling seems to have been just marking time at this point. There's nothing wrong with attacking your own stories from a different viewpoint, but he fails to do so here. This seems like just an off-the-cuff rewrite that he did to fill in a timeslot.

    And whatever you do, don't watch this in syndication. What isn't that great an episode in the first place is totally ruined by endless padding to make the 16-minute episode fill the half-hour timeslot. We get pointless footage from Farenheit 451. We get pointless footage of Mission Control. We get pointless footage of monorails. We get a brief scene of British children playing in a park! We get a meteor shower that threatens to destroy Victor's spaceship. Of all the episodes that could have used another segment added to it for time purposes, this is the that needed it. The sad thing is that the effort that went into the "creative" addition of the footage is still probably more than Serling dedicated to writing this episode.