Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 40

The Different Ones

Aired Unknown Dec 29, 1971 on NBC



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    • Host: The name of this place, should you have come in here accidentally out of the rain, is the Night Gallery. We deal in paint, pigment, light and shadow, realism, surrealism, impressionism, and ghost stories. Item number one over there, it could be a gentleman sitting in an electric chair. But it isn't. What it depicts is in a sense a method of execution that we humans reserve for other humans who happen to be dissimilar to us. You're about to look under that hood and meet first-hand one of the Different Ones. Tonight's first excursion into the realm of the unusual.

    • Paul: And I wish I had some idea what this place was like.
      Victor: Is that what's bothering you? Well, if it were a desert, a frozen tundra, a pit where the sun never shines, it would be better than this.

  • Notes

    • Several changes were made from Rod Serling's original story, as documented in Night Gallery 2. In the original script, Paul has a wife, Doris. Also, Victor's deformity is substantially different then what is presented on-screen: "A funnel-shaped head full of concentric flesh furrows that traveled up toward its peak like a rutted mountain road, ending at a point from which just a sprout of dank hair emerged."

    • The syndicated version of this 16-minute episode is padded out with footage from Fahrenheit 451 (1966) (including the flying policeman), voiceover footage about an alien invasion that turns out to be benign, generic footage of Mission Control in Houston, footage from Silent Running (1971) with footage of the dome-ships and a meteorite storm to add an element of "danger" to the episode, and "flashbacks" of scenes that had just happened a few minutes earlier.

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