Night Gallery

Season 1 Episode 15

The Doll

Aired Unknown Jan 13, 1971 on NBC
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The Doll
A hideous doll becomes an agent of revenge against an officer in Queen Victoria's colonial forces.

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  • The Doll is one of the most terrifying episodes of Night Gallery.

    The ugly doll scared me so much I couldn't sleep without the lights being on the first time I saw this episode. Although the doll was never shown doing anything really sinister, the features of the strange figure are repulsive and that's enough to make you scream in terror. At the end of the episode the doll that the officer sends as a gift to the indian guy is only half as ugly as the doll sent to the officer. The story is not that good but thanks to the ugliness of the doll it doesn't really matter in the end.moreless
  • Best evil doll story ever filmed!

    Evil dolls from hell have been a staple in horror fiction for a long time. But before there was Chucky and his bride, there was this masterpiece of evil doll fiction from Rod Serling and Algernon Blackwood called, and what else, "The Doll". A nineteenth century British Army officer returns home from India to find that his niece has been sent an ugly little doll that of course was really meant for him as a curse in retaliation for an execution that he ordered. Believe you me, you would NOT want to find this thing waiting for you at home on YOUR doorstep!

    I had nightmares for weeks after seeing this episode for the first time. An absolute series classic!moreless
  • When a movie, tale or in this case an episode still gives you the creeps after 20 years, you know it's good, it's real good!

    I've been watching horror since I was very young, want proof? I used to see Night Gallery when i was only 6 and love it, I used to go to school the next day and star yapping about the show when none of my classmates even knew what was I talking about, ever since then I'm a late sleeper (the show was at 12am )and through the years I remembered almost all episodes and vignettes until I found the Vhs collection (thank you Columbia House) I was lucky enough to see the original releases, not the meddley that now runs on tv with The Sixth Sense, (I try to embrace it, but it just plain SUCKS!), but enough about me, let's go to the review:

    The Plot was Hazy for me on my first view(I was six, c'mon), but I managed to understand the Idea, an old man in the military who only has a grand daughter as family,returns from a trip, and discovers that the child has received a doll from an unknown sender (guess they didn't have terrorists scares back then),from the beginning, the Old men doesn't like the doll (neither the babysitter likes it), and tries to get rid of it, not being possible, since the child has grow attached to the doll, even when it's Very creepy looking.(a Goth chick in the making maybe?)Things get worse when the girl start saying that her doll talks to her, and that she (the doll)doesn't like her other toys and that she knows the child's grandfather, the old man doesn't like this one bit, specially when one night the doll apparently breaks all the others dolls in a act of jealousy....Fade to commercial break.

    One day, an Hindu guy breaks in the old mans house and confronts him, saying that he sent the doll,as a vengeance against him for sentencing his brother to death (some war crime stuff) and that the doll won't go away until the old men it's killed by her. The old man agree that he has try all means possible to destroy the doll to no avail, but dismisses the Hindu.

    At night the Old Man decides to get rid of the doll once and for all, to his surprise the doll has the same plans for him and we just hear him scream (we don't see a confrontation, we are left to imagine it, wich to my taste it's even scarier),the babysitter finds the old man dying in his study and the doll burning in the chimeney, before dying he leaves instructions to be followed, contact an old friend and let him know what happened...

    We see the Hindu guy leaving his hotel room, when a messenger arrives delivering a box from the late Coronel,

    saying, "You gave him a gift, he just want to return the gesture"

    At the end we see the Hindu guy opening the box and looking inside....a male doll dressed in military uniform, opening his eyes and giving him one of the scariest grins ever seen on television..... Whoa! Just writing this has given me the goosebumps thru all the way. I swear that this chapter it a lot better seen that read, it was the only episode to gave me nightmares for nights straight, and even now when I see on dvd still makes me shudder, more than 20 years after... Now That's horror baby!!!! Check it out and please let me know what you think!moreless
  • A British colonel receives a gift in the mail from and enemy in India. It reaks havock on the entire family.

    The Doll is my personal favorite. It scared the crap out of me when I was a kid and upon viewing it again some thirty plus years later, It made me nervous after the lights were turned off to retire for the evening. The Doll itself was sinister looking when he receives it, but when it comes to life its evil eyes and tearing teeth are a real terror. the placements and actions of the doll thruout this episode will surely sate anyone who appreciates scary and macabre genres. Don't go near the kids toy box at night after watching this one.moreless

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    • Host: We move now from ships like the Titanic and the Andrea Dorea to a small fragment of history. This little collector's item here dates back a few hundred years to the British Indian colonial period. Proving only that sometimes the least likely objects can be filled with the most likely horror. Our painting is called The Doll and this one you'd best not play with.

    • Colonel Masters: My trade is soldiering. And it's a proper pity that this respected profession isn't a shade less honorable and a share more remunerative.

    • Pandit Chola Best remain awake, Colonel. The doll has teeth... and the teeth have poison. And there is no medicine on earth to save you.

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    • This episode is based on the short story "The Doll" by Algernon Blackwood. This story was first published in The Doll, and One Other (1946).