Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 11

The Flip-Side of Satan

Aired Unknown Sep 29, 1971 on NBC

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  • It looks like a radio station in the sticks - but is it really a gateway to Hell?

    Apart from an unidentified disembodied voice, Arte Johnson, late of "Laugh-In", is the only performer in this fifteen-minute, very pointed "Night Gallery" segment. Discarding his usual goofy persona, Johnson shewdly etches a portrait of a man who's not merely obviously obnoxious, but also, as we gradually learn, vile - a louse who's seduced his best friend's unstable wife and driven her to suicide (he may even have murdered her). Thus it seems only too appropriate that his new radio job - we get the impression he left New York in disgrace - on the midnight-to-six-a.m. graveyard shift at some tiny nowheresville station, should usher him into a mental prison where he must contemplate his sins for all eternity.