Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 45

The Tune in Dan's Cafe

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 1972 on NBC

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  • A weary couple destined for divorce happen on an old out of the way diner which has a creepy jukebox with a mind of its own. The couple learns the tale of the jukebox and not only is thier marriage healed but an angry ghost finally wreaks his vengance.

    This is an ok story but it could have been a little spookier I guess. The husband and wife are angry with eachother and believe they have fallen out of love. You get the feeling that the road trip they've been on was an attempt at patching up their marriage. They come across an old diner that looks like it's been abandoned but they come in anyhow. The jukebox begins to play the same song over and over again during which we see flashbacks of a story that the owner of the diner is telling the couple. The tale, although about a couple who loved eachother really doesn't seem to pertain much to this weary married couple, so I really don't get why it seemed to heal thier bond with one another. Maybe I didn't get it, who knows. Anyhow, mainly this ghost is waiting in the diner for his lover and betrayer to arrive once again. In the end, obviously, the lover arrives and heads into the diner. We hear her horrified screams come from within as the married couple pulls away in their vehicle. Kind of weird but it's much better than watching one of the hundreds of crappy reality shows available on tv these days.