Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 51

The Waiting Room

Aired Unknown Jan 26, 1972 on NBC



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    • Host: Felicitations and greetings from this cavern of canvasses, dedicated and devoted to bringing you art lovers a few in-depth probes through the crust of the not-quite-real, the almost real, and the frankly and flagrantly unreal. Pictures, paintings, portraits rendered onto canvas with brush and sometimes claw. Item number one - In a $12.50 pine box reposes the body of a Frontier Frankie. Armed but disarming. A victim of an Old West philosophy that any man with a good eye, a limber finger, and a well-honed trigger skirts the pastures of immortality. But this chap found out the hard way that immortality is a wish, a word, but infrequently a reality. He awaits your pleasure in a painting we call The Waiting Room.