Night Gallery

Season 2 Episode 57

There Aren't Anymore MacBanes

Aired Unknown Feb 16, 1972 on NBC

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  • This is one of the finest episodes of Night Gallery that ever was.

    There Aren't anymore MacBanes was definetly one of the scariest episodes of Night Gallery. Although I cannot remember exactly what it was completely about, I do remember that there was this witchy looking creature at the end and the guy and one of his friends got killed by it. There was also a cameo by a youung Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).

    The witch creature scared the crap out of me, so to speak. I love the episodes of Night Gallery that have monsters in them, that is really what I look for in a horror TV show. I've seen this one twice, great episode.
  • Atmospheric but a bit hokey

    A nicely atmospheric one, owing more than a little to the Jacques Tourneur page (especially Night of the Demon and Cat People). Unfortunately the writing/direction gets a bit gimmicky, with the intercut flashbacks and so forth. Joel Grey is pretty fun, sporting a scraggly hippie look (and not inconsistently, he seems to have been stoned throughout much of this one). The monster stuff looks pretty good for a TV show. Additionally, Luke Skywalker shows up briefly (as a messenger named Francis).
  • Invoking a malevolent spirit to get rid of someone is dangerous - it might not want to stop at just one victim.

    A watchable but fairly predictable segment, transplanted to America from the Scotland of the original story. Joel Grey was nearing forty when he made this, so casting him as a student, even one who's much older than his friends, is not too convincing. He doesn't manage to be effectively unsettling, as the character ought to be - he just seems rather a rather tiresome weirdo, and you wonder why his friends bother with him. For a few minutes, Howard Duff lends the episode a welcome cutting edge as the exasperated uncle, but once he's been murdered by the conjured demon, the episode goes downhill pretty fast.
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