Night Heat

Season 4 Episode 13

Bless Me Father

Aired Thursday Sep 29, 1988 on CTV



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    • (opening commentary)
      Tom: Why is it that life never lets you carry on with your old values and beliefs unquestioned? I'd gone the greater part of my life believing that baptism was a celebration of rebirth, a family controlling its destiny by bringing new life into the world. Did we have to be reminded that anyone's destiny is no more controlled than the roll of the dice, that the very act of celebrating new life can be turned into another opportunity for life to show us how fragile we really are? Maybe in the grand scheme of things it makes some kind of sense, but I'm not liking it one bit.

    • (Lt. Hogan introduces Father O'Malley to Kevin)
      Lt. Hogan: Father and I go way back.
      Fr. O'Malley: Your Lieutenant was my star altar boy for six years, even after the incident with the sacramental wine in the sacristy.
      Lt. Hogan: (to Kevin) I thought he had forgotten about that by now.
      Fr. O'Malley: My specialty is forgiving, not forgetting.

    • Fr. Fleming: How in God's name can anyone hit and run?
      Frank: I'm sure God didn't have anything to do with it Father.

    • Lt. Hogan: I feel all turned inside out, like a jigsaw puzzle. Suddenly find an extra piece. How's it going to fit?
      Fr. O'Malley: Everybody thinks a priest has all the answers. The trick is to let the people find their own answers, then take the credit.
      Lt. Hogan: I hope I can do that.

    • (closing commentary)
      Tom: It's said that the keys to life are luck and timing. In sports it comes down to seconds and inches; a basket scored, a touchdown made. A game can change in a fraction of second, so can a life. One man loses a son, another finds a daughter. Is one man cursed, the other blessed, or is it just blind luck?

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