Night Heat

Season 4 Episode 24

Blues in a Bottle

Aired Thursday Jan 05, 1989 on CTV



  • Notes

    • In the end credits, the following individuals are listed as having appeared in this episode. They appeared in the flashbacks:
      Alar Aedma, Danny Aiello, Phil Akin, Real Andrews, Harvey Atkins, Mario Azzopardi, Laurie J. Brown, Nicholas Campbell, David Carradine, Michael Caruana, Suzanne Coy, Jane Eastwood, Miguel Fernandez, Eric Fink, Richard Geara, Howard Jerome, Clark Johnson, Andy Knott, Michel Le Febvre, Doug Lennox, Tony Lobianco, Justin Louis, Robert McClure, Maxine Miller, Jorge Montesi, Leslie Munro, Keanu Reeves, Alan Rogan, Stephen J. Roh, Michael Rudder, Lisa Schrage, Timothy van Patten, Nerene Virgin.