Night Heat

Season 2 Episode 14

Children of the Night

Aired Thursday Oct 16, 1986 on CTV



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    • (opening commentary)
      Tom: We know our great cities by the splendor of their buildings, monuments of success, wealth and power, and the millions who live here. But this is part of the city too: a nameless kid, one of the countless children of the night. He found his final shelter here, where soon another monument of success will rise and no one who works in these offices will ever know about the teenage boy who died in the muck of a sub-basement they'll never see.

    • (arriving at the crime scene)
      Tom: Hey.
      Kevin: Hi.
      Tom: Don't tell me, he fell down a hole.
      Kevin: I can't tell you what I don't know.
      Tom: What are you writing?
      Kevin: Screenplay.
      Tom: (smiles) Well, somebody called you here.
      Kevin: That's right, you should talk to him, hmm.
      Frank: I can't tell you anything. I don't know anything.
      Tom: I suppose that's a screenplay you're writing.

    • (closing commentary)
      Tom: A great city is built by gamblers. The risks are high but so are the payoffs: money, success, power. We think of it as a ruthless game, but there are rules. Hamilton Lawrence tried to fix the deck. Sometimes justice doesn't take long at all, I guess it depends on how you measure the time. Hell of a job isn't it? We make a guy into a hero and that sells papers. Then it turns out he's not a hero, and that sells even more.

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