Night Heat

Season 2 Episode 2

Dead Ringer

Aired Thursday Feb 06, 1986 on CTV



  • Quotes

    • Lt. Hogan: What have you been able to dig up on this Stanton?
      Kevin: Everything I didn't want to hear. He is from San Francisco. He's a salesman. San Francisco P.D. says he has no priors, no parking tickets, doesn't even have a library fines. In short, a model citizen.
      Lt. Hogan: Model citizens do not kill two people in one night and then vanish off the face of the earth.
      Stevie: Well, I checked the airlines like you requested, and if Stanton's flown out of here, he's got feathers and wings.
      Frank: He could have paid cash and used a phony name.
      Stevie: Not a chance. Security's pretty careful about checking out their cash payers.
      Frank: Really?
      Stevie: Hijackers are pretty shy when it comes to using their credit cards. Know what I mean?