Night Heat

Season 4 Episode 23


Aired Thursday Dec 29, 1988 on CTV



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    • (opening commentary)
      Tom: When a maniac rapes and murders a woman, we revile him for the monster he is. But when he repeats the act, makes it a serial killing, he becomes something more: a media event. We give him a name like Lonely Hearts Killer. We devote pages of print to his exploits. He becomes a folk hero and bogeyman all rolled into one. The papers sell like hotcakes. I guess everybody profits except the string of beautiful young women who had the misfortune of meeting him face to face.

    • Elaine: Well, that should be enough to keep them (the media) happy.
      Lt. Hogan: Oh, oh, oh, I doubt it. I mean that bunch will not be happy until they learn his (the suspect's) shoe size, his favorite food and what his first grade teacher thought of him.
      Elaine: One step at a time I guess.
      Lt. Hogan: I think you're right. I Think we should low key it until we find out which way it's going.

    • Lt. Hogan: You OK Elaine?
      Elaine: I don't know.
      Lt. Hogan: You, ah you can't let this bastard get to you.
      Elaine: He's making it personal. He said the next one was for me, a special one just for me. It's like he needs me to complete his game.
      Lt. Hogan: We need you to win this crazy game.
      Elaine: Just give me a few minutes Jim. I'll be alright.
      Lt. Hogan: You sure?
      Elaine: Mhmm.

    • Elaine: I never think about what you go through out there in the streets. By the time I get to the crazies, they're already safely behind bars. I don't know how you deal with it every day.
      Christine: You get used to it, same way you got used to making decisions that affect other people's lives.
      Elaine: This guy's really affecting my life. I'm scared.

    • (closing commentary)
      Tom: A prosecutor's job can be as tough and thankless as a cop's. To stay on top of a case demands all of one's energy and emotional involvement. When the case winds up on top of you, it can demand much more. It can invade your personal life and even the lives of the people closest to you. All we can hope for is our survival and that what we are trying to do makes sense.

  • Notes

    • Victoria Heath-Smith is credit as Victoria Smith.

    • In this, the second last episode aired, regular crew members Mimi Bohbot (Executive in Charge of Production), Malcolm Cross (Director of Photography), Lisa Parasyn (Assistant to the Producer), R. (Robert) B. Carney (Writer/Story Editor) and John Buchan (Casting) all have cameo appearances.

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