Night Heat

CTV (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Blues in a Bottle
      Blues in a Bottle
      Episode 24

      In the series finale, the mid-South team reminisce about their past experiences when the precinct is likely to be shut down, which would disperse the team to other precincts. The stories are told to the Eagle's feature writer, Terry Hammer, who hopes to write a piece that will save the precinct.

    • Elaine
      Episode 23
      A serial rapist and killer is terrorizing city women. When the police arrest a strong suspect, the real killer calls Elaine to tell her that he can't let someone else take credit for his work. As proof, he kills another woman. He continues to call Elaine, who is terrified at being in the middle of the senseless loss of innocent life. When she sees that there is no other way, she reluctantly participates in the manhunt by setting herself up as a potential target.moreless
    • No Regrets
      No Regrets
      Episode 22
      Nicole's mother falls victim to a mugging by a trio of brutal skinheads who prey on senior citizens. While Kevin and Frank search for the culprits, Nicole, who is in the midst of preparing a surprise birthday party for her mother at the bar, is having a tougher time dealing with the emotional fallout from the attack than her mother is.moreless
    • The Wrong Woman
      The Wrong Woman
      Episode 21
      Frank's friend and former police academy classmate Joey Morata is found dead from an apparent suicide shortly after confiding to Frank that he was in trouble and had heard rumors that he was the target of an Internal Affairs (IA) investigation. When Frank doesn't buy the suicide ruling and insists on continuing the investigation based on the scantest of evidence, he becomes an IA target himself.moreless
    • The Professional
      The Professional
      Episode 20
      Italian prosecutor Antonio Varga, who has recently succeeded in getting multiple convictions against the mafia in his home country, is in town to testify against local organized crime. Despite keeping his arrival and location a secret, Varga is attacked moments after arriving in his hotel room. Varga is shot and his round the clock bodyguard killed in the attack. Prosecutor James Kliegsteel, an abrasive man who talks down to Lt. Hogan's team, insists on bringing in outside help to assist with the investigation. With Varga in hospital under police protection, Kevin, Frank and the team search for the hit man and the person who contracted him.moreless
    • Jumper
      Episode 19
      When a young girl commits suicide, an obsessed Kevin, who almost saved her only to literally have her slip through his fingers, seeks the reason. In the process, he angers the girl's sister and mother. Meanwhile Frank and the team pursue two criminals who stole $500,000 from an armored car killing two guards in the process.moreless
    • Ice
      Episode 18
      A $500,000 jewel robbery leaves one of the robbers and a victim dead. One of the two other men involved in the robbery is arrested shortly after the crime. During the interrogation, he attacks Frank and when Frank subdues him, he also injures him, resulting in Police brutality charges and an IAD investigation. The investigation cotinues without Kevin, who is nursing a badly sprained ankle suffered while chasing the suspect. To pass the time, he helps out Nicole at the pub. In two side stories, a frustrated and short-tempered Elaine seeks fatherly advice from Lt. Hogan regarding a personal matter and Freddie considers a lucrative career opportunity.moreless
    • Goodbodies
      Episode 17
      Kevin and Frank investigate the murder of a health club co-owner and confront a powerful loan shark in the process. Complicating the investigation is Christine's relationship with the other co-owner, who was involved in a heated argument with the victim shortly before his death. Christine's delay in informing the team of her involvement with the man further hinders the investigation. Meanwhile, the team has to deal with the city's announcement of the consolidation of services and the pending sale of the mid-South Precinct building, as well as a pushy real estate agent who repeatedly interrupts their work.moreless
    • Archie's Riff
      Archie's Riff
      Episode 16
      Colby, Freddie and their dates are out for a night on the town to see jazz legend Archie Marshall, a man Colby has known since childhood. That evening, Lester Price, the band's new piano player is found dead in his backstage dressing room. Kevin and Frank begin the investigation using a drug angle, only to find another band member murdered within 24 hours. The investigation broadens to include people close to the band, including Archie's wife. Meanwhile, Archie drowns his sorrows at Nicole's and becomes a suspect himself when he disappears shorthly after he is heard threatening his wife.moreless
    • False Witness
      False Witness
      Episode 15
      In the midst of a stifling heat wave, Kevin and Frank's informant Joey Sanza's wife witnesses a drug related murder and calls 9-1-1. Upon returning home from work, Joey is furious and demands Betty forget about what she saw insisting that coming forward would endanger her life and the lives of their two young children. When Kevin and Frank's canvassing for witnesses takes them to Joey's home, he realizes that his wife will not stay silent and in an attempt to protect her, ends up endangering them both by claiming he witnessed the murder and made the 9-1-1 call. He follows up by provides a misleading witness report to the police.moreless
    • The Mercenary
      The Mercenary
      Episode 14
      A man walks into a crowded bar and opens fire with an automatic weapon killing four and wounding one. Among the dead is petty criminal Sammy Leonard, whom the killer seemed to single out. When Kevin and Frank discover that, despite no experience, Sammy was working as a superintendent at a rundown apartment building, the investigation turns to the building's owners and a scheme to convert the building from apartments to condos. The owners are trying to take advantage of the city's tight housing market by unscrupulously forcing tenants to leave.moreless
    • Bless Me Father
      Bless Me Father
      Episode 13
      Former Bowery Boy Huntz Hall plays a priest who turns into an unexpected ally in helping Kevin and Frank track down the hit-and-run driver who killed Alice Miller in front of his church after a baptism ceremony. Because Alice is a former member of the Terminators gang and ex-girlfriend of the gang leader Rico Navarro, the investigation focuses on Navarro. Meanwhile, Alice's distraught fiancée Emilio Sarda, who, despite lack of evidence, is convinced Navarro killed Alice as an act of revenge, takes matters into his own hands and sets out to avenge Alice's death. In a touching side story, Simone Poirrier, an very attractive young French woman, visits Lt. Hogan and claims to be his daughter from a relationship the Lieutenant had in the 1950's.moreless
    • Bogota Blues
      Bogota Blues
      Episode 12
      Jefferson and Agent Gomez from the Columbia Narcotics Bureau are in pursuit of drug lord Tito Fernandez in an attempt to destroy his narcotics operation. A lone gunman destroys Fernandez' cocaine lab killing a number of people in the attack and costing Jefferson six months of work. Kevin and Frank join the investigation because of the multiple homicides and Jefferson and Gomez continue with their pursuit of Fernandez, a man also wanted in Columbia. The four officers cooperate in the investigation, and Jefferson finds that Gomez has a very different point of view on trusting fellow officers and on how to enforce the law.moreless
    • Set for Life
      Set for Life
      Episode 11
      While investigating the unusual death of one of three sisters living in an old mansion - she was killed when a chandelier fell on her - Kevin and Frank become curious about a the sisters' effort to keep their dead father's memory alive. The investigation is further complicated by their niece, a flirtatious woman who is looking after her out-of-town father's one-quarter interest in the family fortune. In a side story, Frank is pursued by payroll because he received two paychecks in error and spent them both to cover his debts.moreless
    • The Privilege of Freedom
      A dock yard security guard interrupts a young man attempting to break into one of the shipping containers. The man escapes and when the container is opened, eight illegal aliens are found inside. Six of them are dead and a mother and daughter are clinging to life. As Kevin and Frank investigate, they are assisted by Rajeed Singh, who works for Refugee Aid, an organization that assists refugees in entering the country legally. As the investigation continues, all become convinced that another 'shipment' is on the way.moreless
    • The Better Part of Valor
      A druggist is robbed by two men while closing his store. He manages to press the silent alarm before being shot and killed. Freddie and Colby answer the call and when Freddie confronts the two men as they are fleeing, he is shot at and ducks for cover. At the same time Colby exits the drug store and is shot and seriously wounded. While Kevin, Frank and the team, with the help of Jefferson, hunt for the killers, Freddie is left to deal with an Internal Affairs investigation into the shooting and his belief that he was responsible for his partner getting shot.moreless
    • Forgive Me Father
      Ella Metcalf witnesses her brother Leon accidentally kill his accomplice over a disagreement during a mugging. When Leon sees her, she runs away to church, where she hides in the confessional and tells Father Torres, who is Frank's longtime friend, about the killing. As Kevin and Frank investigate, the combination of Leon's denials, Ella's silence, an uncooperative witness, Father Torres' refusal to break his vows and evidence found at the church all conspire to point to the priest as the lead suspect.moreless
    • None Shall Sleep
      None Shall Sleep
      Episode 7
      Lt.Hogan and two other customers are robbed by two people at an automated teller machine. In attempting to stop the robbery, Lt. Hogan is shot and one of the customers is killed. As Kevin, Frank and the team attempt to pursue the investigation, they are stymied by Lt. Hogan's replacement, a female Lieutenant whose expertise is in administration and who has never run a squad.moreless
    • Blowing Bubbles
      Blowing Bubbles
      Episode 6
      Kevin and Frank investigate a gruesome attack on a Hungarian restaurant owner's kitchen boy. The boy identifies having heard a dying loan shark's unique breathing, who is a criminal with a long history of such attacks. As the investigation proceeds, Kevin and Frank discover that the restaurant owner has not been completely honest with them. In a parallel story, Nicole tells Kevin that she is pregnant. The two struggle with many issues surrounding the pregnancy including Kevin's job as a night shift detective and whether to marry or not.moreless
    • Whitey's Run
      Whitey's Run
      Episode 5
      While picking up some merchandise for resale from Tony Kendall, Whitey is asked by his friend for help in fencing some high quality emeralds. During the meeting, Tony is shot and killed and Whitey and Joey, in whose cab Whitey arrived, become mob targets. Whitey becomes a suspect when his fingerprints are the only ones found at the scene. A reluctant Kevin, to whom Whitey is more than an informant, leads the search for his scared friend who has gone into hiding for fear of his life.moreless
    • Woof
      Episode 4
      A group of animal-rights activists calling themselves the Friends of the Silent Ones break into a research laboratory letting loose animals used in research and stealing some monkeys. They photograph the monkeys and send the photo along with a letter to the Eagle. One of the activists is shot in the escape and when he turns up in a hospital to be treated for the bullet wound, develops a life-threatening infection which the medical staff cannot identify. A PhD student working as lab researcher and assisting Frank in the investigation identifies the monkey cages as those used to store contaminated animals forcing Kevin and Frank to race to recover the virus and stop a potential epidemic.moreless
    • Ain't No Cure for Love
      Nicole is robbed at closing time by a gun wielding junkie. Unknown to the robber, Matt Semple, a quiet computer salesman and Nicole's regular is still in the bathroom. When he comes out and sees a terrified Nicole, he knifes the gunman twice, killing him. While Kirkwood proclaims him a hero, it turns out that he has another agenda.
      In another storyline Kevin pursues Mitch Malloy, a dangerous criminal whom he has arrested twice previously and who has vowed to kill him.moreless
    • Chinatown
      Episode 2
      Kevin and Frank's attempts to investigate several murders in Chinatown are frustrated by the community's refusal to provide any information. The situation is complicated by the fact that Tom is romantically involved with fellow Eagle employee Lonnie Kai, whose father's restaurant the shootings took place in. The investigation is further thwarted by Lonnie's bother Danny's steadfast refusal to cooperate, which is eventually linked to a notorious Chinese gang called the Triads, who have much of the Chinese community living in fear.moreless
    • Silk
      Episode 1
      In the fourth season opener, a City Councilman with aspirations to the Mayor's chair holds a press conference saying that he has information on organized crime that he will be providing to the police commissioner. Kevin and Frank follow up on a rumor that one of the criminals being investigated has contracted a notorious hit man to kill the Councilman. While following up a lead on the killer's location, the team breaks into an apartment and finds it empty except for a 15 year old girl with an infant hiding under the bed. While the team continues the investigation, Lt. Hogan spends extended time in his office with the girl and her infant in an effort both to help them and to glean information that will assist in the apprehension of the hit man.moreless
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