Night Heat

Season 4 Episode 19


Aired Thursday Nov 10, 1988 on CTV



  • Trivia

    • Frank is angry that Jefferson has been promoted to Detective First Grade ahead of him despite the fact that he's been on the job six months longer. He believes the 'only way to get anywhere in the job' is to make high profile arrests and get his name in the papers. He thinks that if he worked in Narcotics, he would have his promotion.

  • Quotes

    • (opening commentary)
      Tom: A cop spends most of his working life looking at the results of violence. He gets there, cleans up the mess, and moves on to the next bleeding body, most times just a little too late, one step behind the dying. Every now and again, there's a chance to get to the body before it starts bleeding, to get it together before it is a mess. There aren't many of those and when one of them slips away, it hurts. Maybe it hurts a little too much.

    • Tom: I heard about that girl, that was a tough one.
      Kevin: Tougher on her.
      Tom: Well, it wasn't your fault.
      Kevin: Yeah right, I was just the guy standing there.
      Nicole:: That exactly right Kevin. You were there, you tried.
      Kevin: I was two inches away from her when she went off the ledge. She slipped right through my fingers.

    • Tom: You did everything you could.
      Kevin: I don't know that. How do you know that? (takes Nicole's hand) If I'd done it right, she'd still be alive.
      Tom: Kevin, come on.
      Kevin: I gotta go to work.
      Tom: This might be a good time to take a couple of days off.
      Kevin: That wouldn't change anything.

    • (closing commentary)
      Tom: Partners. Pick two people with a police department computer, stick them in a car together for hours, force them to deal with each other's obsessions, encourage each other's ambitions, even laugh at each other's jokes. Reads like a recipe for disaster doesn't it? So, it's not surprising that it sometimes doesn't work. What is surprising is how well it sometimes does; how the grind of the job, the tension and the pressure can combine to produce something rare and beautiful: a genuine friendship.

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