Night Heat

Season 4 Episode 7

None Shall Sleep

Aired Thursday Apr 21, 1988 on CTV



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    • (opening commentary)
      Tom: They say you can get used to anything. Soldiers become hardened to the horrors of war, doctors to sickness and death. Cops like to think they're immune to the effects of violence, the gut reactions that happen at the scene of a violent crime. It's only at times like this when we see how flimsy that immunity really is, when one of their own is the victim.

    • Nicole: If she (Lt. Nordstrom) weren't a woman, how would you feel about her?
      Kevin: I would feel she was the worst damn Lieutenant who ever set foot in a squad room.
      Tom: That's not exactly fair. Nobody starts off knowing how to run a squad.
      Nicole: It can't be easy filling Jim's shoes. She's got to understand that.
      Kevin: I am not asking her to fill Jim's shoes. I just think she ought to know to listen.
      Nicole: Did it ever occur to you that she might be unsure of herself?
      Kevin: Yeah it occurred to me. I think it should occur to her.
      Nicole: I think she's scared.
      Tom: Makes sense to me.

    • (as a wounded Lt.Hogan shows up at the station)
      Elaine: Lieutenant!
      Freddie: They let you out already?
      Lt. Hogan: Well, I let myself out.
      Elaine: Is that a good idea Jim?
      Lt. Hogan: Well, somebody's got to help these guys!

    • Lt. Nordstrom: Why don't you just say what everyone's thinking Lieutenant? I screwed up. Good.
      Lt. Hogan: Easy to be fooled by an informant, happens to everyone.
      Lt. Nordstrom: It's not just that. I've upset your entire squad.
      Lt. Hogan: Do you think you just walk into the squad room for the first time and suddenly you know everything there was to know about the job?
      Lt. Nordstrom: You know, it's funny. I honestly thought I could handle it. I thought I was ready.
      Lt. Hogan: My first week of running the squad was the worst week of my life, the worst. I never thought I'd get through it.
      Lt. Nordstrom: Yeah, but you got through it.
      Lt. Hogan: Will you stop that Lieutenant.
      Lt. Nordstrom: What?
      Lt. Hogan: Apologizing for everything. When you make a call, you make a call. No time for alibis, there's no time for excuses. You stand by the call you made.
      Lt. Nordstrom: Even if it's wrong?
      Lt. Hogan: Nobody's perfect Lieutenant. You follow the procedures, the rules of these procedures as far they will take you. And then you're flying by the seat of your pants. You got to trust your instincts. You're going to be right on this job a lot more than you're going to be wrong. And that's what this job's all about.

    • (closing commentary)
      Tom: Sometimes you want to catch a killer so bad, you get a falling out between investigators, each pulling in a different direction, everyone losing perspective on the case. Wrong leads waste time and angry words are exchanged. But usually the solution lies in good old-fashioned police work, shaking the branches as Lt. Hogan would say.

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