Night Heat

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Thursday Feb 20, 1986 on CTV



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    • (opening commentary)
      Tom: For millions of people the city is home, for others it's a place to hide, a place to get lost. These are the faceless, nameless, anonymous people whose lives and deaths happen around us without our noticing or caring; unless they get killed. Maybe then they get our attention.

    • (at the crime scene)
      Tom: (patting the dog) Hey fella, how ya doing?
      Frank: You like dogs?
      Tom: I love dogs.
      Frank: I got bit by a dog who looked exactly like that one.
      Tom: Oh, you must have deserved it. What did you do to him?

    • Stevie: (to the dog who witnessed the murder and is now at the station) Your lawyer's on the way. This (a bowl of water) ought to hold you buddy.

    • (closing commentary)
      Tom: Like little boys digging on the beach for ancient pirate hordes, we've all dreamed of lost treasures at one time or another. For a former insurance investigator named Basich and an assistant warden named Green, the dream was almost a reality, until it turned into a nightmare that isn't going to end for a long, long time.

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    • Midlands Prison
      There is an actual Midlands Prison. It is located in Ireland on the Dublin Road, Portlaoise, County Laois.