Night Heat - Season 2

CTV (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • The Beaumont Line
    The Beaumont Line
    Episode 24

    Amidst a stifling heat wave, Kevin and Frank investigate the death of Jeremy Theisen, co-producer of the prestigious Beaumont Line of suits. The lead suspect is the designer of the line, Laura Beaumont. While the team pursues the investigation, Kevin finds himself drawn closer and closer to Laura to the point of endangering both his objectivity and his relationship with Nicole.

  • Masquerade
    Episode 23
    A women goes out ordering her sister not to answer the ringing telephone. Moments later, a man knocks at their door and then breaks it down. In trying to escape out the window the woman falls to her death. The case is closed only to be reopened the next day when all the details don't add up. Kevin and Frank's investigation leads them to Jefferson, with whom the surviving sister is romantically involved.moreless
  • The Switch
    The Switch
    Episode 22
    Former Mid-South police officer Max Urschell, who retired when shot in the hip, is now working for a private security company. When his car breaks down and he has to wait over an hour for help, he gets tired of waiting, hitches a ride in a passing van, and gets knocked out by one of the occupants who mistakes him for a police officer. His wife Jane seeks Kevin and Frank's help in finding her husband when he is over two hours late arriving home to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary. As it's a slow night, Kevin and Frank agree to help look for their friend and former colleague and soon find themselves involved with Jefferson in a major investigation.moreless
  • Body Conscious
    Body Conscious
    Episode 21

    The investigation of the death of Merle Marlowe's booking secretary soon leads back to Marlowe and Raeli James, head of the talent agency which exclusively supplies Marlowe's models. When Kevin and Frank question Raeli, she admits to the accidental shooting and further tells police that she suspects Marlowe is part of a white slavery group. Christine then poses as a model in an attempt to get closer to the truth.

  • The Movement
    The Movement
    Episode 20

    When the leader of a white supremacist, Nazi-style group is murdered after a rally, suspicion quickly falls on Harry Jacobs, a Jewish man who blames him for the rape and murder of his wife 15 years before.

  • Bad Timing
    Bad Timing
    Episode 19

    Kevin and Frank investigate when a young executive assistant is killed with a car bomb as she is on her way to the airport for an overseas business trip. Given the timing of the bomb, the target may have been any one of over 200 passengers on the flight to Amsterdam.

  • Fighting Back
    Fighting Back
    Episode 18

    The police and a vigilante group clash while investigating the slaying of an elderly man.

  • Every Picture Tells a Story

    Tom and Nicole are attending the opening of a collection of paintings owned by Tom's boss, Edgar West. While West is attempting to introduce the collection, a drunk man causes a disturbance. With everyone focused on the disturbance, one of the paintings is stolen and a security guard is shot to death.

  • Another Country
    Another Country
    Episode 16

    Wanting to get a better understanding of the homeless community, Tom poses as a derelict at the Northside Men's Shelter, from where a serial killer appears to be choosing his victims.

  • Pride and Prejudice
    Pride and Prejudice
    Episode 15
    Rick Travers, a young man who was sexually abused in prison, goes on a rampage beating and killing homosexual men. Included among his victims is Freddie, who is beaten and hospitalized while undercover. In addition to having to deal with his injuries, he is also under intense pressure from his parents, who have never approved of his career choice, to quit the force and join his father's law firm.moreless
  • Children of the Night
    A runaway girl and two of her friends witness a deal between a corrupt union boss and a crooked special prosecutor. While running away, one of the boys is killed and police race to get to the two witnesses before the hit men do. Complicating the investigation is the fact that the special prosecutor has access to the same information police do and that he has charmed his way into Elaine's good books.moreless
  • Trapped
    Episode 13
    Three thugs rob Nikki and terrify her, leaving an angry Kevin more interested in finding the punks than comforting his lady, who is left to deal with painful feelings of powerlessness. As the team pursues the investigation, the thugs escalate their criminal behavior while the youngest of the three, Danny, struggles with pangs of guilt and sets out hoping to talk to Nikki personally.moreless
  • The Hit
    The Hit
    Episode 12
    When two innocent people are gunned down in a bar, Kevin and Frank discover that the intended target was Dave Jefferson of narcotics. As the investigation continues, a web of double dealing is exposed along with the possibility that a police officer is involved.
  • Wages of Sin
    Wages of Sin
    Episode 11
    Kevin and Frank attempt to find a cat burglar whose theft of a high class call girl's diary results in the death of the City Controller. Despite intense pressure from the Mayor's Office and the Chief of Detectives, the investigation is frustrated as every likely suspect has an alibi. The prime suspect's is the best in that he was with his parole officer at the time of the break in.moreless
  • Friends
    Episode 10
    Whitey's nephew Tony Di Melli convinces his best friend Nick Perna to steal a car so that they can impress their dates. Unfortunately, the car they attempt to steal contains automatic weapons, which are being exchanged for drugs by a group of terrorists. When they are caught in the act, a terrorist kills Nick, while Tony escapes with the car and seeks refuge from his Uncle Whitey. When Kevin and Frank seek Whitey's assistance in identifying the second boy, he chooses to protect his nephew, frustrating the detectives.moreless
  • Showdown
    Episode 9
    A jury finds repeat offender Kurt Malcolm and his accomplice guilty of murder. This is the second time in six years that Malcolm has been arrested by Kevin and convicted of killing someone. The first time, he was sentenced to ten years and was let out after five. After the jury verdict, Malcolm escapes from custody by kidnapping a court stenographer. In the shootout, a police officer is killed and Malcolm's accomplice seriously wounded. During the manhunt for Malcolm, Kevin's anger and frustration causes him to lash out not only at Malcolm's potential abettors, but also at Elaine, his friends and even God.moreless
  • The Fighter
    The Fighter
    Episode 8
    When promising fighter Danny Mulligan is killed in the ring and the toxicology report reveals large amounts of cocaine in his system, Frank goes undercover as fighter Frank Taylor in order to expose the dealers who caused Danny's death.
  • Moonlight
    Episode 7
    At the exact time a truck hijacking goes bad and results in the death of two men, an off-duty Stevie is singing at the lounge of Pat Moran, a married man with connections to organized crime and with whom she is romantically involved. After the hijacking, a mob muscle man calls the lounge.
    As Kevin and Frank investigate the truck hijacking, which is the latest in a series of them, they become concerned that Stevie's involvement is compromising her police duties.moreless
  • The Passenger
    The Passenger
    Episode 6
    Two sailors are leaving a freighter that has just docked. When one of the men returns to retrieve his forgotten passport, he is confronted by three men. Two of the men chase him down and one kills him. With the help of the other sailor, who witnessed the entire event, Kevin and Frank begin an investigation that leads to the possibility that a wanted man, who is thought to be dead from an explosion in Martinique, is alive and in the city seeking revenge against the people who tried to kill him.moreless
  • The Legendary Eddie Shore
    Shortly before his retirement, Frank's former partner Eddie Shore is shot and killed while answering a routine domestic disturbance call. As Frank struggles with his emotions during the investigation, the team has several suspects to choose from, including a gang leader whose two brothers were killed by Officer Shore, a successful lawyer who's son died in a pursuit led by Shore and the possibility that the officer may have set up his own death.moreless
  • Payday
    Episode 4
    A man breaks into an apartment and begins searching for something but is interrupted when the resident comes home. A fight ensues and the resident is killed. Kevin finds out that the dead man is Eddie Hilton, a member of a three man gang that stole $2.2 million in a bank robbery 7 years ago. Further investigation reveals that another of the robbers was recently tortured and killed in prison. To Frank's chagrin, Kevin reunites with his former partner Lt. Hogan as the two were the detectives originally assigned to the case in which the money was never recovered.moreless
  • Neighbors
    Episode 3
    While a neighborhood town hall meeting is taking place to protest the presence of a halfway house, single mother Toni Shire is brutally murdered in her home. Suspicion immediately falls on David Burnam, the only one of the six halfway house residents who was out when the crime took place. As Kevin and Frank continue the investigation, concern rises that the angry residents will take the law into their own hands.moreless
  • Dead Ringer
    Dead Ringer
    Episode 2
    When Kevin and Frank investigate a homicide at an upscale home, a neighbor provides them a blow-by-blow account of the incident, including the license plate of the suspected murderer and the name of a detective who has had the house under surveillance for two weeks. Shortly after the murder, the rental car that sped away from the scene is found at the airport, along with a second dead body. As the detectives pursue the investigation, a clever plot of embezzlement, murder and blackmail unfolds.moreless
  • The Hero
    The Hero
    Episode 1
    In the second season opener, Kevin, as he is leaving the gym, spots a former criminal parked at the side of the road. It turns out that he is part of a bank robbery and a shoot-out takes place. When the criminal pulls another gun from his sock, a by-stander saves Kevin's life. When Tom wants to do a feature on the man, he refuses the interview and demands his privacy. When his picture is printed anyway, a retired officer sees it and turns up at Mid-South insisting that the man is a former member of a radical youth gang called the Freedom Army and a murderer whom he has been tracking for 15 years.moreless