Night Heat - Season 3

CTV (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Vengeance
    Episode 24
    In the third season finale, Kevin and Frank enter a small drug war when a dealer posing as a pizza delivery man is murdered and a second driver from the same pizza store is shot. As Colby is canvassing the murdered boy's neighborhood, he comes across an old friend, Gil Johnson, a police officer who retired at a relatively young age to care for his invalid wife, who was injured in a car wreck in which their son was killed.moreless
  • Freedom Dead
    Freedom Dead
    Episode 23
    Kirkwood's old friend, a presumed-dead rebel leader in South America, wants everyone to know he is alive.
  • Wiseguy
    Episode 22
    Former mid-South police officer Bill Hecht is on temporary assignment to the prosecutor's office to protect mobster Jerry Laws, who has agreed to testify against his boss. Bill is shot and seriously wounded in an attack at a restaurant owned by Laws' friend, who is murdered in the shooting. Laws is then passed over to Lt. Hogan's department for protection where Kevin and Frank grudgingly accept the assignment to protect Elaine's star witness from harm.moreless
  • These Happy Golden Years
    Jefferson is tailing a suspected drug dealer near the Silvergrove Senior Citizens Home. At the same time, one of the residents is murdered in the back yard of the home. Jefferson is sure the murder is drug related because of the way the senior was killed. When Kevin and Frank investigate, they discover that a group of the seniors are doing much more than just playing cards, and that the murdered man was involved in their activities. As the investigation continues, the detectives butt heads with Jefferson over the best way to proceed.moreless
  • The Cost of Doing Business
    Two young girls are on a rooftop with a powerful telescope completing an astronomy assignment. One of the girls, while playing with the telescope, sees a man take a shotgun from the trunk of a car. She memorizes the license plate, but her frightened mother refuses to allow her to contact the police despite the fact that a shotgun murder took place in the building right around the same time. When the mother calls in the license plate as an anonymous tip, Kevin and Frank trace the rented car to Stan Hoover, a recently paroled bank robber. The murdered man turns out to be one of two of Hoover's accomplices. Both had turned state's evidence and escaped jail sentences. When Hoover is brought in for questioning, the frustrated mid-South team is forced to let him go because no one will identify him.moreless
  • The Victim
    The Victim
    Episode 19
    Sally Koretski is a young woman who has never recovered from a brutal rape and attempted murder. Three years after the attack, when she is an alcoholic and the shell of the person she was, she is shocked to see her attacker Jake Windsor, who received a 15 year sentence, in a grocery store. She attacks and wounds him with her cane and only Kevin can calm her down. Sally is convinced that Windsor is responsible for a recent vicious rape and murder on the North Side and is terrified that he will come after her again. Her story gains credibility when she gives police details of the North Side crime that were not made public. Standing in the way of the investigation is Thomas Penman, the administrator of an early release program called Self Start. Windsor is Penman's poster child for the program and he is determined to stop Kevin from doing anything to jeopardize his success story.moreless
  • Simon Says
    Simon Says
    Episode 18
    Kevin and Frank enter the world of child pornography while seeking a runaway whose father was killed searching for her.
  • Tonight's News
    Tonight's News
    Episode 17
    Overzealousness endangers a TV reporter's life when she covers the activities of a crime family.
  • Mean Business
    Mean Business
    Episode 16
    Financially troubled businessman Milan Dvorek is found dead outside his office window and all evidence suggests suicide. When his distraught wife arrives at the scene and insists that her husband would never take his own life, Frank has compassion for her and agrees to do whatever he can to help. Kevin supports his partner's hunch and they begin the investigation by digging deeper into the dead man's business records, which his wife has dropped off at the station.
    As the case goes on, Frank becomes more and more emotionally involved, which leads to a revelation about his past and why the case means so much to him.moreless
  • Limo
    Episode 15
    Whitey's cousin becomes a suspect after his limousine is connected with a string of murders.
  • The Pimp
    The Pimp
    Episode 14
    When young Ellen Kozak runs away from her small town home, her father comes to the big city to find his daughter. When he does, she is with her pimp and he violently attacks the pimp. Kevin, who happens to be in the neighborhood, breaks up the fight right when the pimp pulls out a knife. After both men are arrested and released, the pimp is shot and killed in his home. When Kevin and Frank hear a neighbor's tape recording of the tho men screaming at each other, they have no choice but to arrest Mr. Kozak for murder.moreless
  • Comeback
    Episode 13
    Prior to his show, lounge singer Frankie D is seen arguing with his friend Vito over another of Vito's gambling debts, this time to a loan shark with mafia ties. After the show, Frankie arrives at a prearranged meeting with Vito only to witness him being shot and killed by a mafia hit man. When Frankie is taken to meet with the crime boss, he is left with the dilemma of helping out the boss, getting ahead in his lifelong dream of a singing career and compromising his good name. The alternative could endanger him and his wife and children unless the police can tie the crime boss to the murder.moreless
  • Tell Me a Story
    Tell Me a Story
    Episode 12
    When a girl is brutally murdered by a gang of boys in a rundown neighborhood known as The Pocket, a mentally challenged boy confesses to the crime. When his confession is shown to be an obvious lie, Kevin and Frank begin their investigation by focusing on Theodore Telford, a martial arts expert and author who seems to exert an unusual control over many of the boys who live in The Pocket. The investigation is further complicated by the residents' silence.moreless
  • Flashback
    Episode 11
    The police are tipped off to a pending bank robbery and Kevin heads up a team of police inside the bank to break up the robbery. The operation is soured when a teller screams and one of the robbers takes a hostage. Kevin recognizes the robber as the man who killed his partner (who was also Nikki's husband) six years ago. Kevin's determination to bring the man to justice is rekindled and, as the investigation unfolds, the story of Tony Rimbaud's killing is told through a series of flashbacks, which includes the story of how Kevin and Frank came to be partners.moreless
  • The Kid
    The Kid
    Episode 10
    Tony Santini, a key member of Frank's youth-basketball team, has done a terrific job at turning his life around and escaping form the gang he belonged to. But when a group of boys from a rival gang walk in on a basketball game, he has to be restrained by Frank. Shortly thereafter, a member of the rival gang is murdered and Tony is the lead suspect. When Frank puts his reputation on the line defending the boy, longtime Community Relations Officer Detective Hector Gervin questions his trust in the boy. Later Gervin captures Tony at his old gang's hideout and tensions between the Frank and Gervin escalate as the investigation continues.moreless
  • Grace
    Episode 9
    Grace, an abused wife comes to Tom for help but then refuses to take it when it's offered, returning to her husband instead. Kevin and Frank search for a pimp's killer.
  • All the King's Horses
    Kevim suspects a fellow detective of helping drug dealers after a major stakeout is ruined.
  • And Baby Makes Grief
    Bonnie Moreland, who has recently adopted a baby, is approached in a supermarket parking lot by Sandra Conrad, who claims to be baby's biological mother. When Sandra follows Bonnie home, the terrified woman locks herself inside her house until her husband gets home. When he checks the property for Sandra, he finds her dead in the backyard behind a shed. The investigation leads Kevin and Frank to the lucrative adoption practice of lawyer Joseph Dominic.
    The case touches Christine personally, as her sister and brother-in-law had approached Dominic for an adoption a number of years ago.moreless
  • You're on the Air
    You're on the Air
    Episode 6
    While Lt. Hogan is being interviewed on a radio call-in show, a murderer calls in a challenge. While the team investigates the murder, which took place exactly as the caller said it would, Lt. Hogan becomes the butt of the team's jokes when he undertakes a diet and exercise campaign which includes the installation of an exercise bike in his office.moreless
  • Beauty Is as Beauty Does
    The death of a young model leads Kevin, Frank and Tom to a top model embroiled in blackmail.
  • Punk
    Episode 4
    At her surprise birthday party, Kevin further surprises Nikki presenting her a remodeled sports car. They go for a spin and crash and Nikki is seriously hurt. When an investigation reveals that the car may have been tampered with, Kevin is confronted with a disturbed woman from his past.
  • Play the Game
    Play the Game
    Episode 3
    The city is abuzz as the City College Monarchs have made it to the National Hockey Finals. After a 3-2 loss, City player Mike Bell is found killed with cocaine on his body. As Kevin and Frank investigate, the team's star player Billy Donovan becomes implicated in his teammate's death.
  • Vantage Point
    Vantage Point
    Episode 2
    Freddie and Colby break up a furrier robbery in which the driver is shot. The investigation is frustrated when the owner insists there was no robbery. Meanwhile, Kevin and Frank try to clear their colleagues who are fingered as the killers in a drug deal gone bad.
  • Love You to Death
    Love You to Death
    Episode 1
    To get away from his usual crime beat and to look up and old girlfriend, Tom goes to the horse races. The horse who wins the big race is owned by his ex (Dominique) and her husband. She invites Tom to the victory party and while he is there, the horse's trainer is murdered in the stables. What first appears to be death by natural causes turns into a homicide investigation when the autopsy reveals the man died from a drug used on horses. As the investigation proceeds, Tom struggles with his feelings about Dominique and the racing industry comes under suspicion due to the homicide and allegations of race fixing.moreless