Night Heat

Season 3 Episode 20

The Cost of Doing Business

Aired Thursday Nov 05, 1987 on CTV



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    • (opening commentary)
      Tom: You can hear it most nights in the big city - the sound of sudden anger, sudden fear. You're walking home, you hear a scream. Was it for real or just some kids fooling around? Was that a car backfiring, a firecracker? Don't give it another thought. Just mind your own business; maybe you'll get home all right. The buildings tower above murders, stabbings, the usual outrages, as blind and deaf as monuments, as blind and deaf as the people inside.

    • Frank: Hi Tommy.
      Tom: How come no identification?
      Kevin: No wallet, no ID.
      Tom: This going down as a robbery?
      Frank: The guy took a blast from a shotgun Tommy. If it was a mugger, he sure takes his job pretty darn seriously.
      Tom: Can I quote you on that?
      Frank: Well, don't you usually say "an informed source close to the investigation"?
      Tom: Don't tell me you've been reading my column.
      Frank: I ran out of comic books.

    • Tom: Somebody must have seen it (the murder).
      Kevin: Yeah, we are fighting off the witnesses.

    • Sandra Lane: Did you always want to be a detective?
      Frank: No, actually I always wanted to be a fireman.

    • Kevin: Frank, I wish I had a camera. We got a corpse in the elevator, we got 200 possible witnesses, and I find you sipping tea.
      Frank: You know the best part of the job Kevin? You never know who's going to be on the other side of the door.
      Kevin: I always thought that was the worst part of the job. Did she see anything? You forgot to ask her, right?
      Frank: She heard the shot.
      (Kevin and Frank exit the apartment building to meet a waiting Tom)
      Tom: You guys get lost?
      Kevin: I had to save an innocent woman from Casanova here.
      Frank: Come on, I was just doing my job. She was a witness.
      Kevin: She heard the shot.
      Tom: No wonder it took so long. She heard the shot.

    • (closing commentary)
      Tom: None of us like to be afraid. We like to go to bed at night thinking that the muggers and rapists and killers and thieves are safely locked away. So we hire cops to take care of it for us. Only trouble is they can't do it alone. Sometimes ordinary people have to get involved to make the system work. And inevitably, no mater how hard we try, some of those ordinary, innocent people are going to get hurt.

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  • Allusions

    • Casanova
      Refers to Giacomo Girolamo Casanova de Seingalt (1725-1798) an famous Italian womanizer whose name is synonymous with the art of seduction.

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