Night Heat

Season 4 Episode 20

The Professional

Aired Thursday Nov 17, 1988 on CTV



  • Quotes

    • Tom: As Chief prosecutor of the recent mafia trials in Palermo, you succeeded in getting an unprecedented number of convictions. Has this affected significantly the operations of the mafia in any way?
      Antonio Varga: I'm only a prosecutor Mr. Kirkwood. Time is the ultimate judge of that.
      James Kliegsteel: Mr. Varga's testimony will identify some of the most powerful heads of organized crime here, and guarantee us solid convictions.
      Tom: What I'm getting at is key figures have been convicted before and still the mafia manages to survive.
      Kliegsteel: Selling papers is also important in this country.
      Varga: No. Mr. Kirkwood has a good point. My experience in Italy has shown that with each conviction we obtain, the criminal syndicates splinter into further conspiracies with new people we know nothing about.
      Tom: For every head you sever, another seems to grow in its place?
      Varga: The myth of the hydra is a reality in my country Mr. Kirkwood.
      Kliegsteel: With the help of Mr. Varga's expert testimony, our prosecution plans on severing a few heads permanently.