Night Heat

Season 4 Episode 20

The Professional

Aired Thursday Nov 17, 1988 on CTV



  • Allusions

    • Lt. Hogan: Well, here's the Fourth Estate.
      Tom: Fifth Estate Jim.

      Lt. Hogan is correct in the traditional uses of the Estates, which are the clergy (First Estate), the nobility (Second Estate), the middle class (Third Estate), and the press (Fourth Estate).
      The term Fifth Estate has been used to describe any class or group in society other than the above four, including trade unions, the poor and organized crime. It is also used to describe media that sees itself in opposition to mainstream (Fourth Estate) media, which is likely the context in which Tom is using it.
      Night Heat was filmed in Canada (Toronto, Ontario), so Tom could also be referring to the famous Canadian television newsmagazine, which airs on the English language network of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). The name is a play on the media being referred to as the Fourth Estate and was chosen to highlight the program's determination to go beyond everyday news into original journalism. It has been on the air since September 16, 1975, and focuses primarily on investigative journalism. Its stories routinely make headlines in Canada and have been regularly exported worldwide.