Night Heat

Season 2 Episode 11

Wages of Sin

Aired Thursday Sep 25, 1986 on CTV



  • Quotes

    • Lt. Hogan: What is that smell?
      Frank: (pointing at Freddie, who has just returned from collecting evidence on a rooftop and is covered in pigeon poop) Eau de pigeon.
      Lt. Hogan: OK, Colby, keep after those files. (to Kevin and Frank) You guys out of the office. Not you, Carson. You go get changed or something.
      Freddie: Ah well, I found some, uh, uh, evidence on the roof.
      Lt. Hogan: I don't care if you found Amelia Earhart. Take that suit out and dry clean it. No, burn it! Now! (Freddie heads to his locker and Lt. Hogan in the opposite direction) Showers are this way, Carson.
      Freddie: I gotta get some clothes, Lieutenant.
      Lt. Hogan: Somebody'll bring them to you.