Night Stalker

Season 1 Episode 4

Burning Man

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 20, 2005 on ABC



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    • Kolchak: Thanks for cutting us some slack, Tony.
      Vincenzo: Try not to hang yourself with it.

    • Kolchak: (opening monologue) They're in the news every day. Warnings about what you should eat, drink, breathe, think. In the modern world, fear of death isn't a distant anxiety reserved for old age – it's daily life. The ordinary no longer offers comfort – not when death can come any time. From any thing.

    • Kolchak: (closing monologue) Doug Panero lived with the fear he finally came to see. A fear I know too well, of a question that holds a terrible answer. Should I ever look into the eye of the monster I'm chasing…whose face would I see?

    • Perri: How long have you been working here?
      Carl: Umm, about two months.
      Perri: And in that time I've witnessed more freaky things then I've seen my entire life.
      Carl: Thanks.

    • Carl: That would be the real-world explanation.
      Vincenzo: I live in the real world, Carl – that's the explanation I'm looking for.

    • Carl: Panero spent 10 years trying to catch a monster. I think that monster finally caught him.

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