Night Stalker

Season 1 Episode 8

Into Night

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC
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Episode Summary

Kolchak tries to figure out the cause of death of two office workers who are found mummified.

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  • Mummy Dearest

    An intriguing episode which abandons an exciting principal premise half-way through, instead concentrating on the whole "red mark" story arc which ends up being pretty much fast-forward-able thanks to Night Stalker's cancellation.

    Into Night sees Kolchak & Co. investigating the discovery of two mummified corpses in an office block. Kolchak eventually discovers the culprit is a man who withdraws the body fat of innocent people in order to sustain himself.

    There is an atmospheric edge to this episode, in particular the early scenes, and the style and direction of the show is also excellent. One of the most obvious great things Night Stalker managed to do during its short run was the sense of visual style that the series maintained. Los Angeles never looked as good on the small-screen as it does on this show.

    The monster of the week isn't evolved on that well and it's a shame he doesn't get any resolution. He doubtlessly would have returned if it weren't for Night Stalker's cancellation, as the final scenes of the episode reveal that he is part of the "red mark" mystery.

    Despite being slightly disappointing in retrospect, Into Night is an effective episode which easily maintains your attention, and compared to Night Stalker's recent descent into major suckage, it's a god-send.

    Director: Fred Gerber

    Writer: Frank Spotnitz

    Rating: Bmoreless
Sima Kostov

Sima Kostov

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Adrian Neil

Adrian Neil

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Jane Lynch

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Perri reads Carl's article on the second morning about the new murder, the bit of article that can be glimpsed ("...presidential campaign by publicizing the infamous "Cafeteria Scandal,") has nothing to do with the case.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Kolchak: (opening monologue) I drive the night, looking into the darkness where our fears reside. Of things the mind dismisses, but the heart knows are real. Evils that lie hidden in the blackness. I have seen these evils. They have taken my wife, pregnant with a child never to be born, leaving me haunted by questions about her strange death and the deaths of so many others no one else dares to explain. So I drive, knowing we fear the night not because it hides these evils, but rather because it reveals them.

    • Perri: Do you ever use the front door?
      Kolchak: Not if I can help it.

    • Perri: Oh, what, more Laker tickets?
      Nyby: Ballet, actually.
      Perri: The ballet?
      Nyby: Yes, The, uh, Bolshoi.
      Perri: The Bolshoi? I've been trying to get tickets for that.
      Nyby: Really? So I hear.
      Perri: I can't believe you like the ballet.
      Nyby: Well, I, uh, I don't. (looks suggestively).
      Perri: No. (walks away)
      Nyby: What am I supposed to do with these now?

    • Perri: Okay, so I'm just thinking here, but your idea is, is, what exactly, Kolchak? That someone grabbed these people's necks with this jelly on their hands.
      Kolchak: Possibly.
      Perri: And this idea doesn't seem, oh, insane?
      Kolchak: More so insane then that those people died from bug spray?

    • Kolchak: (bluffing a security company) The man in this photo was convicted of second-degree murder and armed robbery.
      Perri: We already know his name.
      Kolchak: Tony Vincenzo.

    • Jain: "In battling evil, excess is good." It's Kahlil Gibran.
      Kolchak: Sounds more like Donald Rumsfeld.

    • Kolchak: The police won't just let us into their crime scene.
      Perri: So you're sneaking in?
      Kolchak: I'm not sneaking--I'm snooping.

    • Perri: Aren't you the early bird.
      Kolchak: Night owl, actually.

    • Kolchak: (about the killer) He's here.
      Perri: How do we get out of here?
      Kolchak: (pointing) That way.
      Jain: Okay, we're dead.

    • (after hearing Kolchak's explanation)
      Perri: I don't know. I mean, it makes sense if I squint real hard.

    • Perri: I do not have a problem with trust, Kolchak. It just so happens that you're a very suspicious character.

    • Vincenzo: If this killer wants to drink water with his hands, why doesn't he stick them under a faucet?

    • Perri: Jain said you made it to the crime scene before the cops did last night.
      Carl: That's right.
      Perri: How?
      Carl: I sensed a disturbance and was led to the scene psychomagnetically.
      Perri: You're joking, right?
      Carl: Yes, I am.

    • Kolchak: (closing monologue) There are evils that live amongst us, hidden behind walls, lurking in dark shadows. Open your eyes and you'll see them, but be careful you don't open them too wide. For once you've seen the darkness, the fear of it remains a part of you.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The DVD features a deleted scene of Kolchak and Perri going to visit Nyby for the first time and paying him with basketball tickets. Much of the opening dialogue was placed in "Three." However, Nyby defends himself as a "pathology specialist" a second time and he turns over the chemical substance responsible for the dehydration in return for floor-side tickets the next time. Nyby then hits on Perri, asking if she likes basketball tickets.

    • The name of a security firm is "Skorzeny," in-joking on the vampire from the original Night Stalker TV-movie, Janos Skorzeny.

    • This episode never aired during the original run on ABC in the fall of 2005. It made its broadcast premiere on the Sci Fi Channel on 8/04/06.