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Night Stalker

Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 27, 2005 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Kolchak investigates a troubled boy and his abusive father who leave a trail of mysterious deaths behind them.

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  • Really enjoyed this episode.

    It was a very dark episode of Night Stalker prehaps the darkest so far? Anyway it wa svery enjoyable all the way through the episode the finger pointed to the father of the boy who was 'abusing the child'. But we find out tthat in fact the boy is possessed and is bullying the father. I really enjoyed this episode. Kolcak and Peer continue to bond. I was shocked how the episode ended with the police officer killnig the possessed boy. Overall really enjoyed it such a shame there are only five more episodes left. Spotnitz has done a wonderful job with this shows its just a shame that ABC thinks otherwise.moreless
  • Derivative of The Good Son, but a good episode.

    Derivative of The Good Son, a "B" movie starring Macaulay Culkin from the early 90's. The young boy in this episode even looks like Macaulay Culkin! But that said, the episode was good enough--with tension and drama. This episode is done mostly in the flashback fashion describing the who, what and why surrounding a troubled young boy and his abusive caretaker who travel about, leaving a succession of dead bodies in their wake. Tony Todd guest-stars as a detective trying to get the whole story (you can always count on TT to give a good performance). And as always, the twisty ending is not what you may have initially thought.moreless

    Bring back NIGHT STALKER what in the world was the network thinking????? With only a few winners left on TV (i.e. House MD; Prison Break; Invasion), we lose one of the best? Night Stalker in the 70's with Darren McGavin was absolutely OUTSTANDING!!! I really think all the fans of this show need to unite and get this show back on the air!!!
  • i watched a handful of the old nightstalker and all the episodes of the new season and i must say i cant get enough. this episode was great full of mystery and concern for the caracters. What other show has a dr. being killed by a fan.moreless

    i watched a handful of the old nightstalker and all the episodes of the new season and i must say i cant get enough. this episode was great full of mystery and concern for the caracters. What other show has a dr. being killed by a fan. i cant wait until thursdays episode to give it a good rating as well.
  • Nice boy. Or is he?

    The show begins with Tony Todd's character interrogating Kolchak. Events then begin to unfold in the standard flashback fashion. The players are two little boys and their fathers. Suspicions first falls on the new kids dad because of the mysterioius circumstances surrounding their arrival in town. the friendship between the two boys seems sincere at first, but fairly early on, it becomes obvious that something is wrong.

    Predictably, the kid is to blame. Supposedly, his father is the priest who attempted to cast a demon out of his mother. The kid was infected with her demon upon her death. His little friend figures out he is a bad guy an kills. His father takes the rap. One question, if the demon jumped when the mother died, why didn't it jump when the one little boy killed the other? The name of that ghost is plot hole.moreless
Paul Dillon

Paul Dillon

Ezekiel Seaver

Guest Star

Fredric Lehne

Fredric Lehne

Dan Carver

Guest Star

Paula Newsome

Paula Newsome

Dr. Lawrence

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Kolchak: (opening monologue) Children fear monsters. Creatures of the night they imagine hiding under beds. Lurking in closets. As you grow older, you learn evil doesn't announce itself with a mask or a costume. That the deepest most dangerous terrors not disguised, but those hidden in plain sight.

    • Kolchak: (closing monologue) Evil hides not just in darkness and shadow, but in lies and deceit. Using kindness, trust, compassion, and turning the good against themselves so that the most kind-hearted fail to recognize the danger until…it's too late.

    • Jain: What is that?
      Perri: Also known as arborescent burn. Recognized by pathologists as evidence of a lightning strike.
      Alex: You are really turning me on right now!

    • Jain: In 1978, a truck driver in Manchester, England, was struck by lightning, tossed 57'. His body landed on his neighbor's roof. (everyone stares) Did a little reading on lightning.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Detective Carver: Coming at you with all that Linda Blair stuff.
      A reference to the movie The Exorcist. Ezekiel was expelled from the Church for trying to perform an exorcism.

    • Happy Tree Friends
      Justin is watching Happy Tree Friends cartoons, a seemingly sweet and cute animation about animal friends that are, in fact, very violent. The series started out as Flash animations on the Internet but has now also been released on DVDs.