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  • Great show!!!! Need to bring back Night Stalker!!!!

    I keep asking myself why I have never heard of this show until now!!!!! It has been off the air for 7 years and I have never heard of it until now. I just cant believe that this show only stayed on for one season. I love this show and it was just getting better. It has suspense and a great story line, not to mention a very talented cast. The sad part is I will never find out what happened to Kolchaks wife :(
  • An excellent start to say the least, very creepy, definitely worth your time. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and resembles the x files in many ways, i am not a big fan of union though. Hopefully it will just keep getting better.

    finally a good new show. An excellent start to say the least, very creepy, definitely worth your time. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and resembles the x files in many ways, i am not a big fan of union though. Hopefully it will just keep getting better.
  • It had such potential...then it got canceled.

    Like so many other horror/suspense/conspiracy/supernatural shows, this one started strong, continued with a good cast and decent acting, and... was canceled before it had a chance to bloom. They couldn't even manage to finish it out with a tying-up-loose-ends episode with some lame excuse fro a finale; they just canceled. Come on! Give a girl a break! Stuart Townsend did a good job - not brilliant, but good - as the reporter. Trouble was how far they deviated form the original, in some ways, trying to update it for the modern sensibility. The original had so much energy and Kolchack was portrayed as a clumsy, enthusiastic nutcase with the tenacity of a bulldog and some serious skills at sliding out of work; the new Kolchack is a dark, brooding millionaire with a trunk full of gadgets in his hot sports car. Somehow, not the same - it lost it's energetic appeal somehwere along the way. But it was still, somehow, a good show. Worth a chance, to at least finish the story. (Plus, I would have liked to see that romance go someplace! But no such luck.)
  • The T.V.series, "Night Stalker" was really GREAT. I like the show's drama.

    The T.V. srries, "Night Stalker" was really Great. I liked the show's charactters, they drew right into the plots. I would like to see the show brought back with the original cast members. It had it all blood, guts, love, hate, friendships, enemies, creatures, ex-wives, ex-husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, drama, no sex,and yes, it sometimes was funny.
    "Night Stalker" should not be compared to the old t.v. show of the mid 70's , "The Night Stalker". That show was made differantly than the newer one. "The Night Stalker" had some drama, but it was also made to be funny as well. "Night Stalker" is mostly drama.
  • Good but not as good as the original

    Night Stalker was a remake of the 70's cult classic Kolchak: The Night Stalker. While the remake does have it's high points it's not as good as the original.

    The show deals with a reporter that covers the supernatural. The show did deliver as far as horror/sci-fi shows go. The acting, writing, and directing all seemed solid. Which brings up the question why did ABC bail out so early on this. This was a show that could have been a real money maker if it had been given a chance to find an audiance. All the episodes, even those not aired, are now available on DVD, so enjoy.
  • A warning to TV execs: Don't do remakes.

    Being old enough to remember when the original series aired and also recently rewatching it on DVD, I was pleased to hear that Night Stalker was being resurrected. Unfortunately this is also its downfall.

    I have only seen the first episode so far and it is better than made out in many other reviews I have read but I can see where these reviewers are coming from. The original series was excellent in its combination of horror and humour, much like Buffy in this respect. The new series lacks that humour.

    It also departs from the original in many areas including Karl's character, so much so that it looses any link to the original that not even the inclusion of visual queues to the original series can fix (the original Karl CGI'd into one scene and his hat on a hat stand in another).

    I think this series would have benefit from no links to the original - a different title with a different name for the lead character. Sure some older viewers would see it as a rip-off but I think this is a lesser evil than a complete remake of a well loved series.
  • Better then i ever expected...

    I have to say that i was plasantly supprised about how Night Stalker actually turned out. After reading a host of bad reviews i felt there was not much hope for the show. But i picked it up on DVD and absolutly loved it. The 10 episodes featured were fantastic, i enjoed it so much i had to go and download the scripts off the DVD for two unaired episodes. I thought Frank Spotnitz (the creater) did a great job at turning Night Stalker into its own show. Many people could not get past the fact that this was a remake of the 70's show 'Kolchak the Nihgt Stalker'. But i thought the creator and the writers did their best to create a show that was original. I think they suceeded, it deserved more of a chance on TV, this was a great show.
  • Wasted potential...

    I anxiously awaited the revival of "Night Stalker." I was a fan of Frank Spotnitz' work on "X-Files" and "Millennium," and I thought the original series had a nice quirky charm to it. Plus, since "X-Files" went off the air, there was a lack of a good spooky show on TV. I tuned in, and kept tuning in, but got more disappointed each week. Why? Maybe I expected too much, or expected it to not so resemble "The X-Files," or for there to be an emphasis on a recurring story that was too confusing for its own good. Ultimately, I didn't weep for this show when it left the air, but regretted the waste of talent and potential for what could have been a good show.

    My problems with the show:

    1) Casting. Stuart Townsend seemed like he had just woken up from a nap. There was no charm, no humor to a character that Darren McGavin had defined as being irascible and quick-witted. Not to say Townsend had to copy McGavin, but he had to do SOMETHING to give Kolchak some presence on screen. Gabrielle Union was alright, but she suffered because of her poorly drawn character. Eric Jungman irked me, and Cotter Smith did not have the authority of a frustrated newspaper editor.

    2) The ensemble. Keep Vincenzo, recast Perri Reed as an untrusting rival and keep McManus (if you must) as comic relief, a la Ron Updyke in the original. This team mentality never clicked, and it just leads to a lot of overdone conversations. Kolchak: I think it's a monster. Perri: Monsters aren't real, Carl! Etc.

    3) The mythology arc. Even "X-Files" didn't try to start something so big so soon. I liked the idea of the FBI being suspicious of Kolchak, but the marks on the wrist, the "connection" of all the was clear from the Pilot that this storyline was spinning out of control before it even started.

    Before fans jump all over me, I did enjoy some aspects of this new "Night Stalker."
    Things I liked:

    1) The stories were, for the most part, strong. "Burning Man" and "Malum" were particularly effective. I think if more episodes had been built around the stand-alone monster of the week, the show might have fared better. It was clear the writers were coming up with some good challenges for Kolchak to face, and with a stronger cast these might have made for better shows.

    2) Production values...the show was shot on the same kind of HD cameras as "Collateral" and "Miami Vice" (2006) and it LOOKED beautiful. The music was understated and spooky, and there was a nice use of popular music at good moments. Also, loved the nod to the past with Kolchak's new Mustang.

    If I could have done the show (in my dreams, of course), I would have done it this way:

    Kolchak comes to LA and joins the Beacon because of his past with Vincenzo. FBI Agent Fain is after Kolchak, but for the murder of a vampire suspect in Las Vegas (like in the original "Night Stalker" movie), who Carl insists was the real thing. Perri Reed works to undermine Kolchak, who wants only to get back to work. Unfortunately, his nose for sniffing out the supernatural keeps getting him into trouble. And I would have cast Bruce Campbell as Kolchak.
  • Carl Kolchak an investigative reporter brings stories of the impossible to the front page with credibility, truth, and a slight twist towards the imaginative.

    It is always a hope that a good series with awesome potential will not only be picked up by a station but will be put on the road to greatness. With its aired timing, developing story lines, and a cast as good as this, it seemed impossible not to carry on. For only having ten episodes, it wielded the potential for a great series, not just good. It captivates the imagination, and takes us along with the stories, not just giving us eye candy. Not at all a disappointment on any term. I recommend this thriller for those who enjoyed other series like the "X-Files", "CSI", and "John Doe".
  • Just caught this for the first time as a re-run. *Another* sci-fi / paranormal show where the main characters fight the wierd or unexplained.

    With the success of Supernatural and other shows I guess the networks are trying out all sorts of new show ideas. I didn't realize this show had been canceled. I saw it for the first time on the 'Space' channel (canadian) just recently. It wasn't too bad. I have only seen one episode so I can't give it a really good (or bad) review just yet. But from what I saw, it was pretty good. I also just saw *another* paranormal show called 'Dresden Files' just recently which just seems ok to me. More cliche than anything else.

    I might watch more of 'Night Stalker' when the rest of the episodes come back on re-run on 'Space'. It's worth another look.
  • Nightstalker a show about the unexplained, a show that stood out above the rest and in my opinion a show that will be forever over CSI

    The one show I look forward to watching on Thursdays was Nightstalker. so it didnt compare well to what CSI big deal. Bring it Back at least finish the two parter. This show was a hit to me and alot of other people who are crying out "Bring it Back!"
  • show base on kolchek the night salker. telling the story of a man who lost his family and his life to an unexplainable ack. he has now pledge to find the ones responcible and hunt down all thoughs who act in the same way.

    this was great rebirth for any show, it just sad that it was doomed from the begining. it was on the deffinetly wrong network abc(disney)and i never herd of it till scifi. this is more of a show for scifi or CW or Fox, not for a family oriented chanel trying to break into the mature audiance.even with the great essembled cast that seems perfect for this plot and genra. in my apinion the scifi network would do very well to pick this show backup before it gets cold and knowone remembers.
  • Remember "The X-Files" first episode wasn't exactly a classic.

    Although "The Night Stalker" didn't hit a homerun with its premiere episode, it was like watching the first 15 minutes of a movie--the purpose is to set up the characters, conflicts and provide us with information. The fact that it had a fairly decent story and also set up the "story arc" about what drives Kolchak beyond the stories themselves (something that was missing from the original series but then that wasn't all that important back the because TV was truly episodic).

    I love the original show because of the witty, humorous scripts, performances of the cast (McGavin and Oakland were a perfect comedic team)even if the monsters could be dodgey ("The Werewolf" was always a dog of an episode but there were others as well). The series couldn't possibly measure up the to two TV movies written by Richard Matheson but it was still fun to watch.

    I also loved the fact that Spotnitz had McGavin as Kolchak digitally inserted into one scene in the newsroom. It was both touching and clever. The one quality the show is missing is a sharper sense of humor.
  • never had a chance

    this show never had a chance. the network was never going to get biehind this thing. i was really suprised that it ever got the green light. they never got behind invasion either, i do not care what they say. would this show have done better on a different network? i don't think so. in syndication i think it would have done well, but you would have never had stuart townsend in the leading role.
  • Please bring it back! This show was great!

    Night Stalker was a captivating show. I found it to be very interesting. The problem that caused the show to end was probably the final episode before it ended. That episodes was packed with personal lives and a 24esque-mission impossible-x-files-government-conspiracy-type plot. I think that the plot for that episode it what ruined the show. It\'s not that hard to have each episode be about something weird happening and there being an end of it at the end.
  • 'Nightstalker' was a wonderful show that just wasn't given a chance.

    My Father would always tell me about a show named 'Nightstalker'. He said it was a great show and he loved watching it. When we heard a remake of it was being made, we decided to check it out. We both thought it was a great, dark show that would be around for a long time.

    Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. The ratings weren't high enough, and it was cancelled after only a few episodes. Not to mention they didn't even air them all -- I think they even ended the show on a cliffhanger. Nightstalker was a good show and it falls into the long list of 'Shows that Were Cancelled To Soon'
  • X Files meets American Werewolf

    I enjoyed this show. Although the story line may not be able to be sustained for long, the first episode was thoroughly enjoyable with a great deal of suspense. I was downright scared watching the episode in the dark by myself! I hope the show continues the same pace... The cast is quite good, and the acting solid. The only fear I have is that the storyline may become tired or old... But it will certainly maintain my interest for the time being. The direction and cinematography are quite good as well. I look forward to future episodes, and hope they keep coming...

    I absolutely loved the Night Stalker in the 70's with Darren McGavin! This show needs to be brought back at least one way or another!!! I just have a feeling there is Night Stalker following out there that is going untapped and the Network is losing out on potentially one of the biggest followings!
  • Take a peek at the main page!

    This show was Awesome!! The cast had real chemistry and the plot line was undeniably addictive. What were they thinking?!?! I instantly fell in love with this show and loyally watched, why do they reward loyalty by ending the show on a cliff hanger? Who ever brought the axe down deserves to be shot!
  • It should of been gone after the first show.

    I loved the original Night Stalker and hoped this one would be good. How wrong I was, this show was one of the worst I have seen. I can't even come up with the words about how wrong this was. I am just happy it is gone. If you want to see the real Night Stalker, wait until the SciFi Network runs them.
  • Why does ABC always do this to good shows, it was a great modern Nightstalker. Another night to give it a chance, great actors , ABC show some class for once.

    The show had style, It was on the same basis as Supernatural another great show, Lets forget the reality shows and stick with some classics like this and other shows , Supernatural, Smallville, Invasion, Abc forget Going up against CSI bring it back another night and let it show what it can do. This was one of the few good shows on Thursday night, CSI have ninety four cities and they still can not get my attention, Apprentice another dumb boring Reality show for people that do not have an
    imagination and cannot find good entertainment on Tv. Come on ABC Bring it back fullfill our
    destiny of good shows! I look forward seing this back on ABc soon.
  • I would have to disagree with most of you that don't like this show...

    Alright let me just say I am one of those people who hates to sit in front of the tv letting myself get fat. I don\'t have favorite shows I don\'t watch TV, but when my fiance told me about night stalker and I watched it I was immedietely hooked. I think alot of you forget what real tv is. Your to stuck on this reality tv which is just a bunch of crap. The best thing ABC could do would be to bring that show back. What a way to cut off the episodes. Leave us hanging. Where are all your hands in that company. Please bring Night Stalker back.

    I wish that this show didn't get cancelled because it ruled so hard and when I saw the last episode off itunes I got so very angry that I would personaly go to ABC and yell at the producer and tell him to bring this show back so that it can be further enjoyed because the original lasted longer.
  • ABC messes up - again!

    Another ABC mess up! Does ABC TRY to be last among the big 3??? It sure seems that way, this season I thought maybe - just maybe - they had hired someone with a little creativity this year to make the choices on the fall line up. Creativity yes, guts no. Obviously the Execs at ABC wouldn't know a good show if it bit them in the... Because if they didn't like the approx. 6 million viewers that this show was getting on Thursday night they should have moved it to a different time slot - any other time on ABC would do. Its not like there is a lot to choose from on this channel. This is a GREAT show!!! Just like the original Kolchak, it will have a cult following on Sci-Fi. Make the right decision Sci-Fi, invest the money in it and BRING IT BACK!!! Show ABC what bad decisions will cost them in advertising dollars!
  • This is one of the best shows on tv! You can't just tease us with a few episodes and then yank it from us!!! Bring it back ... I wanna see how it all turns out!

    I have nothing but praise for this show. It started out slow and then just got better. The chemistry between the characters is amazing and the plot lines rock!! I look for it every week hoping that you've brought it back and I'm going to continue to watch for it. I think you would be making a huge mistake getting rid of this show! Please bring it back. It's so much better than the original show.
  • GREAT Show! Bring it back! I think all actors are great and we need to give this show a chance!

    Bring it back! This is a great show. It needs TIME. After all, we have only seen 4 or 5 shows.
    The actors are great. The writers need to get together and give us MORE, MORE, MORE! I thought the pilot show had alot of promise and was on the order of the old Night Stalker. If this show has the same writers as X Files, the future shows should not have any problems holding our attention. Come on people......give us our show back!!!
  • CRAP. GLAD IT\\\\\\\'S GONE.

    thank heavens it was cancelled. enough with the crappy remakes. get some new, original ideas or else get out of the business. there are plenty of new, interesting writers and stories available, if only hollydud would look outside its own confines! WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100 WORD COUNT 100
  • Why is it that everytime a good show comes on TV it gets cancelled. Was there ever a time when the general public tolerated decent television

    BRING KOLCHAK BACK!!! I've watched CSI that show sucks people only watch it because the critics make them think they have to like it. Night Stalker although not entirely original was well written & compelling, and what kind of ass would rather watch "The Apprentice" instead of Night Stalker. ABC should at least sell the show to a cable network or something. When will the American public tolerate quality television?
  • Was one of the best shows this season. very upset with it being cancelled, i had something to look forward to on Thursday eve. What happened?

    Bring back NIGHT STALKER what was the network thinking????? With all the low budget programs on now, we lose one of the best? I have never personally seen the original program but I did enjoy this program. Is there any way the viewers can give influence in what the viewing public wants to see and bring back the NIGHT STALKER
  • Bring the Show back now!!! I really looked forward to it every thursday. Bring it back, but at a different time so that it will not compete with CSI. I don't watch that show anymore, but a lot of people do. Please Bring Nightstalker Back.

    Bring the Show back now!!! I really looked forward to it every thursday. Bring it back, but at a different time so that it will not compete with CSI. I don't watch that show anymore, but a lot of people do. Please Bring Nightstalker back and give it a chance to become great.
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