Night Stalker

Season 1 Episode 2

The Five People You Meet in Hell

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 06, 2005 on ABC
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When a peaceful lawyer takes a baseball bat to his wife then kills himself, Carl suspects that a cult leader the man prosecuted is responsible, and has the ability to influence others into unwittingly killing their loved ones. But it soon becomes clear that Perri, whose story helped put the man in prison, is his next target.moreless

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  • I liked it.

    In the second episode of the series Kolchak faces an enemy who can somehow cause people to kill themselves, through mind control. Kolchak realises that Perri couls be in danger, but he believes that you have to spend a considerable amount of time with the prisoner before he csn get inside your head. Anyway Perri does get possessed by the prisoner but Kolchak saves the day beore anything bad happens. Overall this was a good episode. I think it was slightly better than the pilot episode. Night Stalker was showing so much potential and ABC go and cancelled it.. i am so anoyed.moreless
  • A cult leader has the ability to make people kill. It's definitely fun when the main character tries to kill his friend!

    It was great how they did the Granof scene. You see him talking to his partner, think nothing of it till Perri says he's dead. The look on Granof's face when he snapped out of it and realised what he almost did! Now *that* will make a believer of a skeptical detective.

    There was a very good Carl/Perri moment which was surprising given it's only the second episode. When Carl takes Perri to see Caylor and there's a pronounced implied threat against Carl, who's being openly defiant, Perri does what Caylor says to protect Carl. Carl was openly astonished. Despite how they are at odds, Perri clearly cares for Carl. In time, they would be very close friends. A great character scene.

    The attack against Perri was great. First the empty notebook to get her in the same room with him, then the actual attack itself. Caylor can't get to Perri, who's drugged, so he targets Carl instead. Carl thinks he's protecting her, playing bodyguard and ends up being the one trying to kill her! Carl would have succeeded if the inmates hadn't killed Caylor first. To someone as controlled as Carl, that must be a very weird thing, to be controlled by someone else. I applaud Granof's putting Caylor in with the inmates, he would have kept on killing, even if it was just to prove a point. Doing it saved Perri's life.

    I admit the series isn't perfect, it is missing a certain something to make it excellent, but it is still damn fine television.

    This was a excellent episode, I'm really getting into this series which is sadly pointless as it has already been cancelled. We'll have to enjoy the few episodes they made.moreless

    Bring back NIGHT STALKER what in the world was the network thinking????? With only a few winners left on TV (i.e. House MD; Prison Break; Invasion), we lose one of the best? Night Stalker in the 70's with Darren McGavin was absolutely OUTSTANDING!!! I really think all the fans of this show need to unite and get this show back on the air!!!
  • This show wants to be the X-files meets Halloween. But it just never gets things into high gear.

    A guy is visited by the ghost of his dead father and is instructed to kill his wife. At first, it is made to look as though this sacrifice is the impetus for his son getting the game winning hit at a baseball game. Had they continued to explore that angle, they could have had a winner. The whole if you kill somebody, then something good happens for someone you love is twisted but marketable.

    Instead it degenerates into a story about a physic psycho who chants, "you know what you have to do" over and over. The ending was predictable and unsatisfying. It was a swing and a miss instead of a home run.moreless
  • A good sign.

    Definately a step up from the pilot episode and it gives me hope for the series lasting a bit longer.

    These are the types of stories I want to see. Single episode stories that don't tie into some conspiracy involving scars, coyotes or whatever.

    However, I did think the title stinks.
Alex Carter

Alex Carter

Detective Patrick Granof

Guest Star

Robert Curtis Brown

Robert Curtis Brown

Doug Linman

Guest Star

Art LaFleur

Art LaFleur

Detective Mitchell

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • If Caylor's "visions" are simply projected hallucinations, then how can the police later find the dead daughter's message, spelled out in magnetic letters, at the crime scene? Alternately, if it's a message to Granof that only he can see, why doesn't it trigger off another killing spree? That's why Caylor sends the messages to people.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Kolchak: (opening monologue) In nightmares they intrude from places beyond our imagining. Demons, monsters, killers who strike with no remorse, or reason. In our waking hours we look over our shoulder, out the corner of our eye, alert to the stranger who might attack without warning. But in all our lives, there is a greater danger, one even more terrifying for being unexpected. Not the killer we fear, but the killer we trust.

    • Kolchak: A man doesn't suddenly break from reality, kill his wife, and then tell some crazy story to explain it.
      (everyone stares)
      Jain: Okay...

    • Vincenzo: Ghosts, Carl? Is that what you're asking detectives about?
      Kolchak: I don't actually recall using the word "ghost."
      Perri: No, "dead man. Largish ears."
      Kolchak: Yeah, I did say that.

    • Carl: How's (Perri) doing?
      Jain: She seem agitated. What if she stabs me with her letter opener when I'm not looking?
      Carl: Well, I think she'll only go after people she loves, Jain. You're pretty safe.

    • Kolchak: (closing monologue) I spent long hours looking outside for answers. But there is a deeper understanding hidden inside, about the darkness that resides in each of us. And how far we would go to get back what we can never recover.

  • NOTES (3)

    • This episode reunited Stuart Townsend with his co-star Tony Curran from the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. They both played supernatural/supranatural individuals: Townsend played Dorian Gray and Curran played The Invisible Man.

    • The full credits are seen for the first time here. The last few seconds of the credits feature brief shots of scenes from the specific episode - they change each episode from here on.

    • Featured music: "More Heat Than Light" by The Veils, "No Way Out" by Baby Woodrose


    • Title
      The episode title is similar to the best-selling novel "The Five People You Meet in Heaven," written by Mitch Albom. There was also an ABC television movie based on this novel.