Night Stalker

Season 1 Episode 10

What's the Frequency, Kolchak?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Unknown on ABC
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Kolchak is kidnapped while working late at the Beacon, by a man who believes that Kolchak has somehow been sending him coded messages in his stories. The man takes Kolchak back to his apartment where he tells him more about the mysterious "old man" that lives in the apartment.moreless

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  • Quite possibly one of the worst hours of television I have ever watched. If the rest of the series is like this episode, it is no wonder that the show was cancelled.moreless

    The final episode of the series begins with Kolchak up late at the office, instead of going to the birthday party of his coworker Reed. He is soon kidnapped by a man who believes Kolchak is sending him secret messages via his newspaper articles. What follows is a hour of nonsense, poorly executed attempts at suspense, and a "surprise" ending that can be seen from the first five minutes and only further convolutes the story. Before the first commercial break you will have figured out exactly where this episode is going, but do not get your hopes up: the episode ends with zero explanation of the plot, zero serious character development, and zero enjoyment.moreless
  • The last episode of Night Stalker.

    This is the last episodeever made of the Night Stalker. Episode 10, i think its terrible that Night Stalker only got 10 episodes! Anyway this is a great episode and personally i think it was the best episode so far. Kolchak is kidnapped att he Beacon my a man who believes that Kochak has somehow been sending him secret messages through his newpaper stories. Anyway as the episode goes on Kolchak finds himself in this mans appartment and begins to hear stories about the 'old man' who lives in the room down the corridoor. Reed is having a party but comes loking for Kolchak but is killed by the man, then somehow the real Perri turns up att he house Kolchak is shocked and begins to wonder if the man maybe isn't crazy because someone pretended to be perri and it wasn't human... Fantastic, goodbye Kolchak and Perri i'll miss you but sadly we never really got enough episodes to bond with the charactors.moreless
  • Chilling.

    This is a compelling, and more than a little disturbing, installment of a great show. No matter how many times I watch it, or how many lights I have on, it doesn\'t get any less creepy. And yet I love it anyway. The bad guy is intriguing and the plot twists were unexpected. Townsend really gets the chance to shine (despite the fact that Kolchak spends the majority of the episode being held hostage) and he does a fantastic job.

    It leaves you with questions, even more than some of the other episodes before it, but I can\'t seem to dislike it for the uncertainties. On the contrary, I went into this episode with high expectations, and it truly exceeded them all. Just don\'t watch it alone.moreless
  • Probably the most enjoyable episode of the series.

    This episode is fantastic, and helps Night Stalker, IMO, to completely set itself apart from other supernatural-themed dramas. This episode takes the show\'s psychological horror to a new level. It was disturbing, chillling, shocking, and had quite a few twists and turns that took me by surprise.

    The funny thing? The majority of this episode is dialogue, with Carl tied up. Yet that doesn\'t change the fact that this episode is still quite nervewracking and exciting.

    Gabrielle Union steps it up a notch, making her character so much more enjoyable and likeable. Her acting is superb and it feels like she\'s now fully comfortable with her role, and assumes it completely. Townsend is also great, I really loved his work in this episode.

    Kolchak is kept hostage by a crazy man who sacrifices people to an imagined - or is it? - old man at the end of his hallway. The opening scene of the wheelchair returning from the room - empty and bloody - is disturbing - in a good way, and sets up the episode. The whole episode keeps you uncertain of what\'s going on. You don\'t feel safe watching it, it definitely gets under your skin. That\'s GREAT, I haven\'t had a primetime horror series do that to me before.

    At the end Carl goes into the room at the end of the hallway and we see the bodies of the people that were \"sacrificed\". So obviously they weren\'t being eaten like Paul the crazy guy said. But that doesn\'t mean nothing was there. After all, we see Perri shot and killed yet she wasn\'t really there, and Paul\'s doctor guy didn\'t seem to be himself, either. My theory is that there really was some sort of demon or monster, but everything is so unclear, which is what makes this episode all the more interesting.

    I thought I\'d come to terms with Night Stalker\'s cancellation but seeing this episode made me realize what an irony and insult it is. The last produced episode just happens to be the best one? ABC should at least have let them shot all 13 initially ordered episodes.moreless
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    • Perri: (opening monologue) There are countless stories in the city, about the lives lived here, about how the fates of others intertwine with our own in ways we can never expect, or predict. I'm a reporter; this is my job: to see, to understand. But there are stories behind these stories. Stories about terrors I've only begun to train my eyes to see. I've learned this seeing carries a heavy burden: because once opened to the darkness, our eyes can never be closed again.

    • Carl: (about Paul) Do you know him?
      Stanley: (nods) I'm Stanley Kim, his caseworker. L.A. Department of Mental Health.
      Carl: Oh, yeah. I'd say he definitely needs you.

    • Jain: But...Kolchak loves you! I mean, he doesn't... well... he doesn't "love" love you, he... he "like" loves you. Respects you, as a professional. A meeting of the minds.
      Perri: Jain, what exactly are you drinking?

    • Perri: Jeez--boring Tony and his weird preoccupation with printing verifiable facts.
      Carl The big words indicate sarcasm, right?

    • Perri: (closing monologue) If you look into the darkness long enough, your eyes adjust...and you start to see. That there are evils in the dark. But in seeing, you learn a terrible truth – that you have not found these evils at all, but rather...they have found you.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Kolchak dosn't do an opening narration or a closing narration, for the first time in the series. Rather, Perri does the opening and closing narrations.

    • This episode never aired during the original run on ABC in the fall of 2005. It made its television debut on the Sci Fi Channel October 13, 2006. Appropriately enough, it was a Friday the 13th.


    • Title
      The title alludes to the phrase used by a man who attacked Dan Rather in October 1986 and kept asking him the question, "Kenneth, what is the frequency?" R.E.M. later released a song, "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" for their 1994 album "Monster." Vocalist Michael Stipe described the assault as "...the premier unsolved American surrealist act of the 20th century."