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(ended 1997)

Anyone remember this show? Are the repeats still shown anywhere?

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    I used to see this show a while back when it aired in the early morning hours. It's definitely a guilty pleasure-type show. It could be very crass and crude, but with all of those popular bawdy talk shows of the time (Jerry Springer, Geraldo Rivera, Ricki Lake), a send-up of those kinds of talk shows was welcome. Of course, "Night Stand" often traveled the same territory as the "real" trash talk shows without satirizing anything, but at least they didn't create explosive situations with real-world guests.

    All the guests on the show were actors, as was the host, Timothy Stack. What made the show humorous was the use of a real-life audience. They knew this was a "fake" talk show and that all the guests were actors but Timothy Stack and the other actors never stepped out of character. The audience witnessed as Stack's character blundered his way through awkward situation after awkward situation, frequently putting his foot in his mouth. The situations and guests were farcical and over-the-top, and they were supposed to be. I think the show petered out in its 2nd season. (I don't remember if I saw any of those episodes.) But the 1st season was good for some low-brow laughs. You need that once in a while.

    Timothy Stack went onto appear in some movies and star in another cable series, "Son of the Beach" (which I never saw). I don't know if "Night Stand" has been on the air recently but I wouldn't mind seeing a few episodes again. It has never been released on DVD and it may never be. It probably won't be added to Hulu or any of the other legitimate online streaming video websites. I don't think it's on Amazon Unbox Video or iTunes either. Are there are stations, big or small, that air repeats of "Night Stand"?
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    Night Stand was one of the funniest shows I ever have seen. My husband and I told my brother-in-law about it. We made him come over to watch it. He never laughed so hard! He, too, was hooked after that. I wish there was somewhere, somehow to see that show again. Anyone?

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    Night Stand got cancelled after its third series. The explanation was that E! Entertainment, who made the show, had just got taken over by Disney and Disney didn't know what to make of the adult-themed humour ("no, people, no", lol). There were protests about it getting cancelled because its audience was still growing and Bill Maher, of Politically Incorrect, called it the funniest show on TV.

    There are full episodes of it available on YouTube. There's a guy called "jamesbondage100" with about 20 episodes on his channel if you google his name.

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