Night Stand

(ended 1997)


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  • Spoof of jerry springer type shows - hilarious

    This show was one of the best, and needs to be brought back from the past - reruns would be BIG - HUGE.
    The writers put a lot of work into the puns and innuendos and that is something lacking in TV comedy today.
    I can find a couple of shows on You Tube but other than that this is gone. Me and a friend would sit down and drink a few beers and laugh at the sometimes rude and or childish behavior and jokes. I also liked how when the show went to commercial breaks they ran a few "jerryspinger" type ads that were also humorous.
  • I used to love that show!

    That was my favourite show in the whole world when it was running and I was in my late teens. I've not seen it in years now, so I dont know if the humour might be a bit broad for me these days but I would love to see it again. OK, the review has to be a minimum of 100 words apparently so I'm just typing in order to hit the 100 word count now.....

    yeah, i googled "night stand" recently and saw that someone had an ebay listing for every episode of nightstand on a DVD but when i clicked the link to ebay they'd removed the listing for violating copyright. unfortunate. i would have killed to get hold of that =) and i can't even find out the seller's ebay ID or anything.

    ok... that's over 100 words =)
  • One of the greatest spoof shows of all time.

    I would love to see this show aired again or at least be able to get it on DVD...
    It involved the bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla of every other show and made fun of it. If this makes no sense it is because I couldn't post it without typing more than 50 words. Timothy Stack is awesome!