Night Tracks Chartbusters

TBS (ended 1991)


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  • This was a great countdown of Top 10 videos with a BREAKER, it wasn't the same in 1990 when it changed to Top 20, they didn't play every video, it was just clips of videos that couldn't be played due to time because it was only an hour show, it was fun.

    I don't remember much too much anymore, but I used to enjoy watching this (Night Tracks) Top 10 Countdown every Saturday Night whenever I could watch it, I enjoyed The BREAKER videos too before the last two videos and then they would air (Night Tracks) for the rest of the night, it changed in August 1989 when it now aired before the dreaded (Night Flicks), nothing but a stupid movie and you'd have to wait until it was over to watch (Night Tracks)! I didn't like it in 1990 when it changed To Top 20, it was not the same.