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TBS (ended 1992)


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  • A wonderful show to watch every Friday and Saturday night, absolutely better than MTV! It was really fun in the 80's but not so good in the 90's and that stupid (Night Flicks) movie presentation messed it all up, I finally stopped watching in 1991.

    Great show, loved it! I used to have a lot of this taped but they all had to be used for other shows, and if I had still had them I would watch them over and over again! I wish I saw the first show on June 3,1983 but I never did, I probably didn't have Cable yet, I would take this over MTV anyday, MTV is awful now! they don't care about what we Music Video fans want, I sure wish I had Cable Music Channel, but it was gone after one month, even VH1 Classic has become awful.
  • A Music Video Show from 1983-92 that had six spinoffs on SuperStation WTBS and later TBS SuperStation where it was fun to watch any good Music Video every Friday and Saturday Night until by the early 1990's things changed, and it was over in 1992.

    My favorite show to watch in The 1980's, I would try to watch it every Friday and Saturday Night but it always got too late and I would usually like other people, fall asleep, so it usually had to be taped, I loved a lot of the videos and this show was WAY better than MTV Music Television and I wish Cable Music Channel would've worked but it failed after one month, I continued to watch it through until things changed in 1989 when (Night Flicks) ruined it, I had completely given up on (Night Tracks) for good in 1991.
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