Night Visions

Season 1 Episode 11

If a Tree Falls...

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 09, 2001 on FOX

Episode Recap

After their car crashes off an embankment, killing them, three college students race to bury their bodies, theorizing that since no one saw them die, they are not really dead, as long as no one finds out about the crash or sees their bodies. One of them, a religious believer named Devin, can't accept the miracle of their rebirth. After almost blurting out the secret in confession and endangering their existence, he decides to end it for himself by going back to the lake and freeing his body from the wreck. He only manages to accidentally free the corpses of the other two, which are found by a fisherman. As he looks on in horror his friends disappear as his own body goes down forever in the car, leaving him to carry on by himself.

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