Night Visions

Season 1 Episode 11

If a Tree Falls...

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 09, 2001 on FOX

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  • To accept your fate or to not accept it...

    I remeber watching this episode a few years ago. What kills me is that the Christian kid couldn't just accept that his friends wanted to live, but he didn't want to be a 'spirit' in the living world.
    The ironic twist was that he tried so hard to get the bodies freed from the car, the car plunges deeper into the lake with his body in it. Thus this means he ends up living while his friends disappear when the people on the boat saw their bodies.
    In a way it could also be his way of damnation for trying to alter fate and by causing his friends to vanish while he is still around.
  • "don't know what you got...." could be the moral on this one.

    The Idea was great, the acting too, but what won me over was the simplicity of the moral. Sometimes you got to learn to embrace a miracle, a not question it.

    Heres the thing:

    Three students go back to campus driving, they get in to an accident and their car fall on a lake,when the students get out of the water, happy to be relatively unharmed look back to the lake and discover that their bodies, lifeless, are still in the car, sinking to the deeps of the waters.
    After much debate they conclude that since nobody witnessed the accident, somehow their souls are still bound to the world of the living, enabling them to continue their lives as normal.

    But one of them gets anxious and confused, being a religious person and all, thinks that their presence it's an abomination and against God's order of things, and the burden in his conscience becomes too much for him to handle; when he tries to reveal what happened to a priest, his friends start to disappear and feel like drowning just like their bodies should had felt in the accident, when the priest dismissed the tale of the boy, his friends return to normal, but the boy's anguish prove to be too much for him and decide to return to the lake, and expose his own body to the surface so he can die as he should have.

    At the end, the boy releases by accident the bodies of his friends from the car, wich it's about to sink even deeper on the lake, into the darkness. A man in a boat sees him and go near to see what's happening, in the shore the friends try to make the boatman go away since they know what will happen if the boatman sees the bodies,meanwhile, in the lake the boy tries unsuccessfully to release his body and the car sinks into the deep darkness of the lake, the boatman sees the faces of the friend's corpses and as soon as he realizes that they are the same people that are in the shore, the friends start to disappear, leaving the boy alone and immortal, since nobody will find his body now, too late he realizes that instead of accepting a miracle, he threw away the chance of a lifetime....literally.

    It was a cool ending, but the perfect touch was the last sequence with a song I haven't been able to identify, I'll appreciate very much if anyone help me out in that one.