Night Visions

Season 1 Episode 9

Rest Stop

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Aug 02, 2001 on FOX

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  • Rest stop

    That was a great show I like Quinn mallory and the pink ranger.
  • Four college students pick-up a hitchiker, on the side of the road... in the middle of nowhere... "NOT-VERY-SMART!"...

    "Rest Stop" had me going,in it's final minutes! I'm a H-U-G-E F-A-N, of Amy Jo Johnson -- since her days as the Pink POWER RANGER! Watching her character's "final minutes" was -- and to this day, STILL IS -- VERY PROVACATIVE! My heart was, practically, jumping out of it chest -- just like now: as I write this, my hands are shaking, at the mere thought of THAT episode. Hopefully -- one day SOON, perhaps(?) -- they'll release "Night Visions", to DVD! Until then, I'll keep looking for it on cable... My hope is, that this REVIEW will, at least, get "the ball rolling"
  • This was the episode that made me a fan!!!

    I had only watched the show a couple times and thought it was a good way to pass the time, but nothing espetacular, until the day I got my first tatoo. When I got home, so proud of my japanese pattern, I turn on the TV and Night Visions is airing "REST STOP". I started watching it and by the end all the hair in the back of my head was erect: The final scene, the skin of the tatooed boy (a japanese pattern, by the way) is used to make a tambourine!!!
    That is when the show got me! No other episode was as scary as this one, at least for me!!!