Night Visions

FOX (ended 2001)





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  • Say what you want, but this series opened the door again to Horror anthologies on Tv, without this one, the last "Twilight Zone" and "Masters Of Horror" would've found harder to enter the mainstream media again.

    It's hard to review this series; part of me hated it, other part love it, and most of me can't live without it.

    Allow me to explain; By all means,let me say I don't believe that I know every single chapter or every single horror story ever published or filmed. But unfortunately most of the endings of this series I saw them coming almost from the beginning, and there's nothing that pisses me off so much that when I see a horror story and GUESS the ending 15 or 20 minutes before it gets there, let alone an HOUR and a half,that's why I no longer care for M. Night Shaylaman's movies, (The Village was the worst).

    o.k. that's the hate part, now for the Love part.

    It was great to see horror again in the tv, re-runs of "Tales from the Crypt" were not enough for me anymore. And although maybe the endings were predictable, the stories were very enjoyable, most of the acting were great, and the ideas were very original. the episodes aired later on sci-fi as "Shadow Realm" were specially good, too bad this series was canceled so soon.

    One thing it's for sure, we need more horror anthologies like this one, and only one every five years aren't enough.