Night Wizard the Animation

Tokyo MX (ended 2007)



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Night Wizard the Animation

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Night Wizard is based on a popular Japanese urban sorcery action role-playing game. Night Wizards are people who have the ability to use magical weapons and must defend the world from Emulators and the impending darkness they bring. Hiragi Renji is one one of these Night Wizards. All he wants to do is go to class. Unfortunetly for him, he is always being called out on mission and hardly gets the chance. That is until he is ordered to protect Elis Shiho a new Night Wizard. After finding 1 of 7 secret jewels, Elis learns that she may be able to save the world from the Emulators if she finds all 7 jewels. Now with Hiragi, his childhood friend Kureha Akabane, and Akari Himuro, Elis searches for the remaining jewels.
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  • The job of the Night Wizards is to protect the world from the evil emulators. Elis Shiho and others are given the task of finding the seven jewels of virtue by Anzelotte so the emulators can finally be fully defeated.moreless

    This is my favorite anime!!! This anime starts out good. My favorite part is the mystery sorrounding Oji-Sama. I also like the mysterious character, Kirihito. The episodes one through 9 are all about Elis finding the seven jewels, but in episode 9 the plot takes a huge twist!!! The episodes starting at 9 get really good and make it so I can't wait to see the next!!! Kirihito is now my favorite character. I can't wait to see the rest of the episodes and discover who Oji-Sama really is!!! This show is a must-see with all the action and drama!!!moreless
  • Nothing too special here just a solidly done anime show.

    The show follows a small group of high school students who are in fact Night Wizards (sorcerers) as such it is their duty to protect the world from the threat of the Emmulators (demon like creatures), by recovering seven sacred Jewels.

    As I have alreadyy said there is nothing too special about this show. it features all of the usual characters you would expect; a powerful but slightly unlucky male lead, character who is new to her powers etc etc. The plotline a are also unremarkabale with the same basic pattern to every episode.

    But as I have already said it is a solid effort and quite enjoyable to watch.moreless