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  • Brian Williams & David Muir

    I stopped watching MSNBC when you brought back Brian Williams MSNBC and David Muir on NBC. Williams was proven to be a liar and I can not trust anything he says. Muir is just a salesman and does not report news but embellishes it. I go to news sites that just report the news.
  • Objectivity please!

    NBC is just another water carrier for the Liberal Mainstream Media. It could be so much more, but it's so mired in its agenda of spreading liberalism that I don't view NBC as offering anything remotely close to professional journalism.
  • Let the one among you without sin cast the first stone.

    I have forgiven Brian Williams. Bring him back to his anchor desk on NBC Evening News.

    He is an excellent news analyst and reporter in his own very humanly imperfect way. He is no worse than the best or the worst of ANY of we mere mortals.
  • NBC Nightly News Show.

    This is NBC's evening news program.
  • NBC Nightly News

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  • say what????

    What is Brian Williams thinking? Does he pay attention to the news as he reads it? There have been 2 beheadings of brave Americans. Our golfing Commander-in-Chief has done nothing though he had at least one year to develop a plan. How can Brian Williams say that the President has a clear plan? It is plain that he has no idea what he is doing and it is frightening. Please give us the truth, not what the WH wants you to say.
  • gunsmoke western best ever.

    love it still watch it so sad that most of them have gone as in england its on everyday xx
  • The only good show from NBC News, hosted by the only actual journalist to actually work for them right now.

    Face it guys, the journalism industry in this country is going down the crapper. No, don't blame Fox News or CNN, blame MSNBC for that. Ever since people like Keith Olbermann (who thankfully left), Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O'Donnel, and Martin Bashir turned MSNBC into bi-partisan, agenda-driven trash, I had no choice but to tune in to Fox News Channel (and CNN on occasion) for my TV news and information. I don't really pay attention to network news (ABC, NBC, CBS) that much, but they are absolutely obsessed with Barack Obama that they bash any republican or independent they can when reporting on a political story (okay, maybe I was watching a bit too much of Sean Hannity, the koolaid drinker), but out of all the big three network newscasts, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams is the best of them all.

    Williams is considered the "Walter Cronkite of his generation", and I can see why. When interviewing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, not once did Williams rudely interrupt him like his corporate cousins at MSNBC would. Yes, Fox (and I'm not a big fan of Fox's political commentary shows either, aside from The O'Reilly Factor) has been accused of doing the same thing when interviewing politicians (mostly Democrats and Liberals) in the past as well. He does have some inconsistencies in his reporting, but who can blame him? After all, he's the anchor of a news organization that, when it was majorly owned by GE, was funding the presidential campaign for Barack Obama, and attacking his critics in his first year as President of the United States.

    Over all, out of all of NBC's news shows (and shows on MSNBC), NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams is the one I highly recommend, because it's (to me), the last network news show that doesn't spin the news. Well, it does sometimes, but not as much as other network newscasts do (especially cable news channels like NBC's sister station MSNBC).
  • Fast and Furious

    To my knowledge, Nightly News with Brian Williams has not done a single story on the Fast and Furious by the Obama Justice Department. How can this be? Surely, a story in which a government agency facilitates the sale of thousands of semi-automatice rifles to drug gangs in Mexico-resulting in the dealth of a federal agent would be considered newsworthy enough to mention!! Is Williams passing himself off as unbiased to millions of viewers while completely ignoring one of the biggest new stories of the year?
  • What can you say about the news? It was a broad scope of the day's events. The show is at the mercy of what happens each day for the first half of the show, but has an opportunity to explore larger issues in the second half.

    The format of the show is a nice way to bring the viewer through the news. The show makes a good attempt to explore the top stories and then give some depth to a broader issue that is not likely to just be in the news cycle for a day or two. The reporting is often solid and the anchors are personable. The continuing stories can be touching and emotional. I never really watched the nightly news until today, thinking that it was mostly a dumbed-down version of what was in the morning paper, but this show has proved me wrong.
  • The evening news Anchored by Brian Williams on NBC.

    Brian Williams provides millions of Americans with the latest news and happenings in the US and abroad. He is excellent at providing us with some interesting stories such as retirees and their plans for the future. He always gives us up to date info regarding the hottest stories that are current. He also gives us as much info as he can on just about every topic going on around the world.